Comfort Ajala


Who am I ?

I am a Nigerian citizen who loves travelling and eating and learning new things. I also hold a master degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, but work as a Frontend Developer.


What are my skills?

I work majorly with JavaScript but also dabble into Python when the need arises. Apart from WordPress, MYSQL and PHP, I also have experience with MongoDB and Node.js. Frameworks and Libraries like React.js, Backbone, JQuery, GSAP etc are not foreign to me. Oh lest I forget, Photoshop. Keeping programming languages and scripts aside, I speak German confidently and Korean to a certain degree. Well English is my OFFICIAL language, whereas Yoruba my NATIVE language. I started learning french, spanish and chinese seriously 2020, so look forward to updates.


What am I professionally ?

I have worked for ST Design part-time as the lead Web Developer and as a part-time web developer for  University of Bayreuth at the Biomaterials Chair as the Web Developer.  I am currently working as a software developer at marcapo GmbH


What can I create, with what I know already ?

I can turn Photoshop designs into actual websites with full security and maintainable code.  Web applications such as Dashboards for existing websites or for server file control are also included to the list.


Where can I be found ?

home I guess… hhaa.a , Per email ( comfort(dot)ajala(at)ajalacomfort(dot)com ).


What have I worked on ?

Asides my trivial codepen projects  , I do have projects hosted online, which are listed below. Note that due to the hosting services I use (Heroku), it may take some time for the server to come up and load the page. So be patient *awkward grin*.



What am I currently doing ?

Just chillin.. Learning Korean, German, Yoruba, Chinese, Spanish and French… oh and Java and C


Am I available for hire ?


What positions WOULD I have been open to ?

WordPress Web developer
Full-stack JavaScript Developer  (w/o python backend)
Junior Python developer (Web Development and Simple Automation scripting)
Lab scientist
React Native (mobile cross-platform developer)
PHP/Laravel Developer