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한국어 배우기 | 단어

호기심 Out of curiosity 인내심 Patience 반항심 Rebellious 질투심 Jealousy 동정심 Sympathy 신기한 것 Something cool, fascinating, interesting 자유가 없다 Without freedom 손발 hands and feet 한 번씩 Each of them 기다 Crawl, go on one’s knees 걷다 Walk Nonetheless 그렇기는 하지만, 그렇더라도 그래도 아직 넘어지다 To fall, trip 구르다 Roll 차다 Kick 큰소리로 하다. […]

Language Learning

Deutsch Üben | Neue Redewendungen und Wörter gelernt

aggressive Er ist das, was wir gefährlich aggressiv nennen. He’s what we call dangerously aggressive. Anonymität These alcohol support groups are based on anonymity. Diese Alkohol Hilfegruppen basieren auf Anonymität. Zustimmung von anderen Personen Verweigerung der Zustimmung von Personen zur Verwendung ihrer persönlichen Informationen für geschäftliche Zwecke Denial of consent by individuals to have their […]

Language Learning

My English word and phrase list

The story involved … The ~ (person, article) tells us that … (person) demonstrated that … painstakingly associated with ~ classify things according to ~ mindlessly the time for ~ sped by and away From all indications, ~ increasingly inescapable Take, for example, ~ The extent to which ~ widespread unthinking whatever the reason, ~ […]

Coding, JavaScript, Software Development

Javascript – Scope

Scope the life-time of a variable; Global scope – variables declared without a (var) are in the global scope. Their life time is the longest. They are also easy to mutate at any time, thus you should take extra care when declaring variables in the global scope. Lexical scope – defines the visibility of the […]

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Language Phrase – Deutsch | 한국어

Stop the music Musik stoppen Machen Sie die Musik aus 음악을 끄다 음악을 멈추다 End with lassen wir an dieser Stelle mit ~ aufhören lassen wir uns ~ beenden 으로 끝나다 \ 하겠습니다 \ 마무리하다  I do not think it is helpful ich glaube nicht, dass das hilfreich ist.\ 그것이 도움이 되는 것 같지 않다 […]

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Korean Phrases

seriously 심각하게, 진지하게 let off steam 화를 가라앉히다, 열을 식히다 be out of shape 몸매가 망가지다 plastic container 플라스틱 통, 용기 Please let me ~. 내가 ~하게 해 줘 ~ has just finished. ~가 이제 막 끝났어. I’ve been thinking about ~에 대해서 생각해 왔어 I’ll be happy to ~. 내가 기꺼이 ~해 줄게 How […]

Language Learning

Language learning

Die Redewendungen, die Ich heute gelernt habe, lauten: unter Zeitdruck stehen To be under pressure Wir stehen unter Zeitdruck jemandem Aufmerksamkeit schenken To pay someone attention Er sollte dir Aufmerksamkeit schenken Das ist alles für heute!

Language Learning

German Phrases 1

Jemandem ähnlich sein To resemble someone, or to be similar to   Irgendwelche davon müssen ja ähnlich sein. Some of them are bound to be similar. Mein Aussehen wird ähnlich sein, weißt du, aber kranker. My look will be like that, you know, but sicker.   So ähnlich ist es mit/bei It is kind of […]


Lecture Notes | Cell Cycle and Cancer | Lecture 1

Eukaryotic cell cycle S: Synthesis Replication M Mitosis + Cytokinesis Nuclear Division -> Mitosis Cytoplasmic Division -> Cytokinesis G Gap phases Regulatory and Delay steps in human embryonic cells 24 hr cell cycle 23 hours Interphase 1 hr mitosis Stages of the Cell cycle G1 before replication and division monitors environment of the cell -> […]