Python 4 Beginners: how to generate a list of random values

I recently just learned how to do this without using loops: That is all I know for now. I will update this when I find new and more efficient methods… Check out Python: Matplotlib – How to use csv and subplots for beginners python: Creating a simple bar plot with python, matplotlib module and csv […]

Python: Matplotlib – How to use csv and subplots for beginners

So how do I use subplots? 08/26/2018 The code below is custom to my csv file (see below), so make sure you either use the same format or change the “get_file” function to the properly process your file. MOCK_DATA_2 The file above looks like this: x,y 64,13 57,14 16,30 92,29 65,97 11,33 When I run […]

python: Creating a simple bar plot with python, matplotlib module and csv data

This is so simple, it needs no heading.. 08/19/201810:10:49 PM Drinks Coffee as usual… Straight to the point: So this is the CSV data I will be working with ( generated using the website: MOCK_DATA Goal: Create a bar plot showing  the number of emails based on the alphabets they begin with . For instance, […]

Python Networking | Super Beginner Series | Simple Server and Client – “Hello World”

I am more into web development but out of boredom decided to dabble into networking… okay let’s see what I have learned so far. Networking  2018-05-12 10:56:17 AM Now unto the Client –> the dude that connects first Watch the video below!! Please follow and like us:0

Useful MySQL Queries for a Beginner like me: SELECT

I am at the moment learning a lot about MySQL by reading the book, Learning MySQL and I thought providing a list of queries could help beginners like myself. Different ways to select databases, tables, rows and columns in MySQL Do note, I will be updating the list occasionally. So if this list seems incomplete, you […]

Automate Simple Tasks with Python: Excel Table to HTML Table using the python Dominate Module

Sometimes a database is really not necessary. Why not try a simple excel sheet Coded this in an hour; sips on coffee though 9:06:34 PM I generated the excel workbook using a website called Mockaroo. Today’s task is to convert a basic excel sheet table into an HTML table. I broke the task into sub tasks which […]

Automating Simple Tasks with Python: Using Python and Window Task Scheduler to get the word of the day

❝Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.❞‒Chinese Proverb So I want to learn one english word per day, but I am too lazy and forgetful to visit the website ? Hmm…. bulb floats on head Let us create a python script, that runs daily by the Windows Task Scheduler 12:16:00 AM Coffee break… […]

How Python helps outside of work: ods data to excel

I hate copying and pasting, so might as well automate it 9:43:24 PM Trying to complete my research paper.. … The script below helped me with some research data for my Research Module (wish me good luck!) If you have any question, do ask in the comment section. See you! This allows for transforming my […]

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