how to say “who would have thought…” in Korean

Phrase ~라고 누가 생각했겠니? Who would have thought that you’d come. 네가 올 거라고 누가 생각했겠니?   ~을 지 지 누가 알았겠어요? Who would have thought that she’d marry him. 그녀는 그 사람이랑 결혼할 지 누가 알았겠어요?   ~을 줄 누가 생각이나 했겠어요? Who would have thought that it would be this small. 이렇게 작을 […]

How to say “other than… ” in Korean

Examples It means you feel something other than pain. 고통 이외에 당신이 느끼는 게 따로 없다는 뜻이에요. It is time to live for something other than yourself, something other than your own individuality. 자신이 아닌 다른 무언가, 즉 당신 개인이 아닌 다른 것을 위해 살아가야 할 때입니다. he claims not to own anything other than his home 그는 집 말고는 아무것도 […]

How to say “I wonder if …” in Korean

Main grammar focus ~려나 Sentences I wonder if I’ll ever see you again. 내가 너를 다시 볼 일이 있는지 모르겠군. I wonder if I care as much as I did before 제가 예전처럼 신경 쓰나 해서요. I can’t help wondering whether I’m missing something here. 뭔가를 놓친 것 같은 느낌이 들어요. I wonder what I would do if I […]

How to say “It will take time… ” in Korean

“It takes time to build up intimacy” she reiterated, as though she knew what was on our minds. “친밀하는 데에는 시간이 걸린다” 라고 그녀가 우리가 무슨 생각을 하고 있는지를 이미 아는 듯이 반복해서 강조했다. It will take time, require dedication and willpower to achieve our goal, however do not waver. 우리의 목표를 이루는 데에는 시간이 […]

How to say “I just hope I didn’t… …. ” in Korean

Phrases I hope I didn’t bore you today talking.. I’m sorry if I did. 얘기하는데 그 쪽을 심심하게 시키지 않았으면 좋겠는데 그랬다면 미안합니다. i hope i didn’t miss anything. 놓친 게 하나도 없길 바란다 I just hope I didn’t kill that guy. 그 사람을 죽인 게 아니었으면 해요 I admire what it took, I just […]

How to say “I was just wondering… ” in Korean

Usage ….was wondering ( if | when | how | why | what |  whether ) 는지 궁금합니다 I’m just wondering what is causing this. 제가 뭐 때문에 이렇게 됐는지 궁금해요. 있나 모르겠네요 No, I was just wondering why he was calling. 그저 그가 저를 왜 전화를 걸나 모르겠네요 을까 싶어서요 They were just wondering how you […]