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Korean Webtoon Summary : 좋아하는 부분 [Episode 4]

She just wanted to be recognised Original Webtoon Characters Her: Sun Jae: Kang-Han Byul: Minu: Summary English In her middle school days, Sowoo was always the last to be picked, although reluctantly. She went out drinking with the man, Kang Han-Byul,who she unexpectedly met after being dumped by Minu in the last episode. He apparently […]

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Korean Webtoon Summary: The part of you that I like (좋아하는 부분 )| Episode 76

Episode 76 How was your week! Mine was amazing! I just completed my Master thesis and am planning to travel soon! YEA. 여러분 한 주 동안 잘 지내셨습니까? 제 일주일 너무 대박이었더라고요. 제 석사 논문을 완성했고 여행을 계획 중이거든요. So let’s get right to it! 시작합시다 The manager (Gyu-Min) tried to reveal more on what […]

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ENG|KOR|DEU|ESP Writing Übung: Hello

Servus! Hola! 안녕! Hey! 오늘의 단어장은 다음과 같습니다. KOR : 따로 separately, aside, something else, apart, alone 우리 따로 계산하겠습니다 We would like to pay the bill separately 유학을 위해 돈을 따로 모아놓았어요. I kept some money aside to fund your education abroad 네가 따로 해야 할 일 있어. There is something you have to […]

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Korean writing practice | 비행기에서

Book: Intermediate College Korean Chapter: 1 English Korean chapter 장 to realize ~을 깨닫게 되다 try improving on ~ ~ 향상시키려고 노력하고 있다 compliment 찬사를 보내다, 칭찬해주 다 currency exchange office 환전소 English This chapter is about a Korean language student who was on a plane to Korea. In the plane, he noticed that there […]

Korean Drama Versus American Shows
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한국어로 쓰기를 연습 | 왜 미국 Shows 보기를 그만두고 한국 드라마 보기를 시작한 이유

짧다 short 단도직입적 straight to the point 얼마나 걸릴까요 how long it will take 반면에 on the other hand 시청자 viewers 단점은 the downside 질 quality 미리 in advance ~에 달려 있다 depends on ~을 발견하자 마자 as soon as I found out. 몇 년 전에 제가 미국이나 bollywood이나 영국 TV shows 많이 좋아했습니다. 그 때는 […]

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한국말로 쓰기 | 신의 퀴즈 S1 Ep 5

좋은 아침 여러분…. 지금 새벽인데 어제 봤던 한국 드라마에 대해서 매일 쓰기로 했습니다. 이런 운동하면 수많은 표현들이 배우게 되면 좋겠습니다.   읽기를 시작 하기 전에 제가 쓰는 것을 고쳐 주시면 감사하겠습니다. 왜냐하면 Because 납치하다 to kidnap 잠시 briefly ~(하는) 중에 in the midst of 구하다 save 불가능하다  impossible 형사 detective 외에도 apart from 진부한 농담 corny […]

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10 or more Korean Youtube Channels with Korean Subtitles for Korean language learners 2020

Korean YouTube Channels last update: 06/21/2021 This is a list of Korean YouTube channels that could be helpful for working on your listening and pronunciation skills. Note: This list will constantly be updated 라이브 아카데미 Despite the target audience being Korean native speakers learning English, I feel this channel would also be of help for […]