한국어과 독일어 표현 – 계발

This list pertains to the article called “감정 소모 없이 쿨하고 이성적으로 사는 법“. One of the tasks for this week was / is to summarise the article in Korean  and German (written and spoken), which is why I have this list prepared. If you have suggestions on improvement areas, do not hesitate to email […]

KOR | GER Phrases – With Beispiele

Favorite kind of 좋아하는 종류의 그 도서관은 내가 좋아하는 종류의 책을 구비하고 있다. The library has the sort of books I like to read. 그녀는 내 타입[내가 좋아하는 종류의 사람]이 아니다. She’s not my type. Am liebsten Shows wie diese sind mir am liebsten. This is my favorite kind of show. On the way back […]

Korean and German Phrases I learned this week – With examples

Save energy 에너지를 절약하다 겨울이 되면, 몇몇 사람들은 밤에 난방을 낮춰 에너지를 절약한다 In winter, some people conserve energy by lowering the heat at night. Energie sparen Wir müssen konkrete Lösungen finden, die es uns ermöglichen Energie zu sparen. We have to find concrete solutions that allow us to save energy. Some people 몇몇 사람들은 […]

HelloTalk Chronicles -좋아하는 부분에 대한 쓰기

One of the language tasks for this week was to write and speak about the first chapter of a webtoon called 좋아하는 부분. The writup was posted on hellotalk platform in order to obtain tips on improvements, and this is what I recieved: This story is about a girl,  who is a bit overweight and […]

Language Learning

know one´s place[station in life] 분수를 알다 A wall 벽 Nonetheless, yet, nevertheless 그럼에도 불고하고 exert[strain] oneself, work hard, endeavor, do one’s best, take pains[trouble], make an effort, try hard, make efforts, strive ((for)) sweat blood(구어), sweat one’s guts out(구어) 애쓰다 still, quiet, calm, placid, tranquil 잔잔하다 Only 단지 Looking from a distance 곁에서 보다 […]

what I learned today : Korean

The story Die Story – Die Geschichte 이야기 A bit Ein bisschen 조금 Overweight Übergewichtig sein 제중이다 Have low self esteem 자신감이 부족하다 Wenig Selbstbewusstsein haben Everyday life Der Alltag 일상생활 Centers around Dreht sich um A는   B가 중심으로 되다 Once thought 한때는 …라고 생각했어요 Dachten mal, dass Stopped attending classes 수업에 출석하다 later found […]

What I learned last Week | German | Korean | French

fireworks 불꽃놀이 Das Feuerwerk Les feux d’artifice Where do you think I should go ? 어디에 가면 좋겠습니까? Wohin denkst du, dass ich gehen soll ? Où est-ce que je devrais aller ? naturally; fairly;of course 당연히 Naturellement Bien sur Natürlich selbstverständlich. Purchase 구입하다 Kaufen j’achète take advantage of  ~을 이용하다; ~을 기회로 활용하다 profiter […]

What I learned on Language Learning German | Korean | French | Chinese

~ is packed ~가 가득 찼다, 꽉 찼다 Gepackt sein Eingepackt sein Est emballé be in line 줄을 서 있다 In der Schlange sein /bleiben Sich anstellen See if we can ~. ~할 수 있는지 봐. Versuchen wir , ~ zu ~ Lass uns mal gucken, ob wir ~ Wir müssen überlegen ob wir Lass […]

What I learned this week

  decrease; diminish 우리회사의 수입은 감소하고 있다. Our company’s revenue is growing down verringern surveillance (system) 감시망 He slipped away from the police surveillance and fled. 그는 경찰의 감시망을 뚫고 도망쳤다 Die Überwachung Unter Beobachtung stehen Conclude 결론을 내리다 draw[make] a conclusion 성급한 결론을 내리다 make a hasty conclusion voreiligen Schlüsse ziehen voreiligen Entscheidungen treffen […]

What I learned this week | German, Korean, French words and phrases

French – Prepositions Korean, German – Article English – New Phrases and Vocab Chinese –  Greeting and characters   Script 대본 Skript It is unfortunate / it is pity 아쉽다 / 아쉽지만 Es ist bedauerlich / Es ist bedauernswert Impressive 인상적인, 인상[감명] 깊은 Beeindruckend Eindrucksvoll If i save money, 돈을 절약하다 돈을 모으다 Wenn Ich […]

German | French | Korean phrases and words

To be etre To have avoir To go aller To come venir   Due to lack of time Aus Zeitgründen aus Zeitmangel Aufgrund der knappen Zeit 시간 부족으로 faute de temps The most recent die jüngsten die neueste 최신 최근의 가장 최근의 la dernière   Due to lack of ~ ~ 부족으로 faute de en […]

German|Korean|French Phrases and Words

Within these two weeks  I will be studying the following: German: French: Asking Questions in French Korean:   These are the new words and phrases I have learned till date. German In the media In den Medien Stems from ergibt sich aus Beruht auf Make wrong decisions falsche Entscheidungen treffen It is unfortunate […]

한국어 배우기 | 단어

호기심 Out of curiosity 인내심 Patience 반항심 Rebellious 질투심 Jealousy 동정심 Sympathy 신기한 것 Something cool, fascinating, interesting 자유가 없다 Without freedom 손발 hands and feet 한 번씩 Each of them 기다 Crawl, go on one’s knees 걷다 Walk Nonetheless 그렇기는 하지만, 그렇더라도 그래도 아직 넘어지다 To fall, trip 구르다 Roll 차다 Kick 큰소리로 하다. […]

Deutsch Üben | Neue Redewendungen und Wörter gelernt

aggressive Er ist das, was wir gefährlich aggressiv nennen. He’s what we call dangerously aggressive. Anonymität These alcohol support groups are based on anonymity. Diese Alkohol Hilfegruppen basieren auf Anonymität. Zustimmung von anderen Personen Verweigerung der Zustimmung von Personen zur Verwendung ihrer persönlichen Informationen für geschäftliche Zwecke Denial of consent by individuals to have their […]

What I did today | Was ich heute erledigte | 제가 오늘 했던 일이

I will be very grateful, if the following texts are corrected Good morning reader. I slept well today, probably because I did not get enough sleep yesterday I studied for my upcoming exam, but spent hours watching drama I  wish I ate less, since I am supposed to be on a diet I practice Korean, […]

My English word and phrase list

The story involved … The ~ (person, article) tells us that … (person) demonstrated that … painstakingly associated with ~ classify things according to ~ mindlessly the time for ~ sped by and away From all indications, ~ increasingly inescapable Take, for example, ~ The extent to which ~ widespread unthinking whatever the reason, ~ […]

Language phrases | Super Beginner French

I am from ~ Je viens du ~ (Nigeria) I am nigerian Je suis nigérian I am Comfort Ajala Je suis Comfort Ajala Je m’ appelle Comfort Ajala Mon nom, c’ est Comfort Ajala What is your name ? Quel est votre nom ? Quel est ton nom ? Comment tu t’ appelles ? Where […]

Language Phrase – Deutsch | 한국어

Stop the music Musik stoppen Machen Sie die Musik aus 음악을 끄다 음악을 멈추다 End with lassen wir an dieser Stelle mit ~ aufhören lassen wir uns ~ beenden 으로 끝나다 \ 하겠습니다 \ 마무리하다  I do not think it is helpful ich glaube nicht, dass das hilfreich ist.\ 그것이 도움이 되는 것 같지 않다 […]

Korean Phrases

seriously 심각하게, 진지하게 let off steam 화를 가라앉히다, 열을 식히다 be out of shape 몸매가 망가지다 plastic container 플라스틱 통, 용기 Please let me ~. 내가 ~하게 해 줘 ~ has just finished. ~가 이제 막 끝났어. I’ve been thinking about ~에 대해서 생각해 왔어 I’ll be happy to ~. 내가 기꺼이 ~해 줄게 How […]

Language learning

Die Redewendungen, die Ich heute gelernt habe, lauten: unter Zeitdruck stehen To be under pressure Wir stehen unter Zeitdruck jemandem Aufmerksamkeit schenken To pay someone attention Er sollte dir Aufmerksamkeit schenken Das ist alles für heute!