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Learning Python in 2020 – Beginner – Basic MadLibs Generator

Problem Goal Read a sentence from the command line, ask for the locations of blanks and generate the phrases. Display the user’s result and compare with original sentence. Pseudo-code Read sentence from command line Ask for location of blanks and their associated categories or description (“e.g “noun”, “verb”, “place”, “celebrity,” “Exclamation” or “part of the […]

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I am learning Python in 2020 – Beginner – Automate Backup of multiple Mongo Databases with python and a batch script

Operation System : Windows 10 IDE : VsCode Requirements : a computer, internet, notepad Book | Tutorial : see links below Git Project :None Goal Create a python program that backs-up a given database. This program should be called at intervals ( daily or weekly or monthly) by the Window task scheduler and should be […]

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I am learning Python in 2020 – Beginner – Making a simple database for a restaurant menu

Operation System : Windows 10 IDE : Visual Studio Code Java Implementation : Java and a MySQL Database Problem Goal Generate a mysql database that holds a table of restaurant‘s menu which includes information about each meal. Pseudo-code Solution In order to connect to the MySQL database, we will need to import the mysql.connector which […]

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Learning Java in 2020 – Beginner – Ridiculously Simple Python Client and a Java Server

Overview reference Problem Goal Make a python socket client send a “hello” message to a waiting java server. Voila! Pseudo-code Create a server socket that waits for incoming streams / connection from another address Send a “hello world” message to the server socket and have the server socket print it out after the connection has […]

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Learning Python in 2020 – Beginner – Simple Automated WordPress Project Setup

Requirements Python, internet, time Problem Goal The script should simply download the latest wordpress zip file, unzip it and allow the user to set the main wp-config values. Pseudo-code Make a get request ( ) Save the downloaded zip file in the current directory Create a wp-config.php file based off wp-config-sample.php file Ask the […]

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Beginner Automating with Python | Converting MYSQL database tables into single CSV files

Things you might need before coding Install python here Since this solution is realised by using the programming language called python,  you should probably install it as instructed in the website linked above. Additionally, you may need to understand the programming principles independent of programming language and also learn the code syntax in python. An […]

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Python Networking | Super Beginner Series | Simple Server and Client – “Hello World”

I am more into web development but out of boredom decided to dabble into networking… okay let’s see what I have learned so far. Networking  2018-05-12 10:56:17 AM Python Server This server opens its service at port 9999 and listens and connects to an incoming tcp stream. Once a connection is established, it sends the client […]