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Learning Java in 2020 – Beginner – Ridiculously Simple Python Client and a Java Server

Overview reference Problem Goal Make a python socket client send a “hello” message to a waiting java server. Voila! Pseudo-code Create a server socket that waits for incoming streams / connection from another address Send a “hello world” message to the server socket and have the server socket print it out after the connection has […]

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Learning Java in 2020 – Beginner – Available Ports in a Machine ( Network Programming Basics)

Overview reference Problem Goal Try to find open ports on a computer by using its ip address.. Pseudo-code Get the ip address Get range of ports to be checked Make connections to ip address at each port within the given range If connection is established, write the port in the “openports.txt” file and close the […]

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Learning Java in 2020 – Beginner – Reverse String

Note I am a novice in the world of java programming and hope that similar learners would benefit from my learning experience. Also suggestions and corrections/revisions are highly welcomed from java programmers at any level. Problem Goal: Reverse a string Pseudo-code : Get a string from the command line Declare new string and initialize with […]