Hello World, This is my First Post (Officially)

Hey! My name is Comfort Ajala, I come from Nigeria. I am by training a biochemist but by self learning and sleepless nights (not that extreme though) a WordPress developer, and a budding JavaScript Application Developer. I also have interest in Machine Learning with Python and Cyber Security. Along with foreign languages. At this point […]

Lecture Notes | Cell Cycle and Cancer | Lecture 1

Eukaryotic cell cycle S: Synthesis Replication M Mitosis + Cytokinesis Nuclear Division -> Mitosis Cytoplasmic Division -> Cytokinesis G Gap phases Regulatory and Delay steps in human embryonic cells 24 hr cell cycle 23 hours Interphase 1 hr mitosis Stages of the Cell cycle G1 before replication and division monitors environment of the cell -> […]