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    Hello World, This is my First Post (Officially)

    Hey! My name is Comfort Ajala, I come from Nigeria. I am by training a biochemist but by self learning and sleepless nights (not that extreme though) a WordPress developer, and a budding JavaScript Application Developer. I also have interest in Machine Learning with Python and Cyber Security. Along with foreign languages. At this point I can speak German to a very comfortable degree, but still have a low proficiency in Korean. I will blog on my language learning journey as well as my career switch escapades and other stuff. Hope you find my blog interesting. See ya! Please follow and like us:0

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    Learning Redux and React.js

    So I just recently started (few hours ago)  studying about Redux and I am already excited. It seems interesting but a learning curve.  I am currently watching Dan Abramov tutorials, recommendable.  In the projects I plan on starting next year, I will have to have  an organized file and logic structure and I feel Redux will provide that. This is basically what I know after few hours of redux learning… have fun learning! Please follow and like us:0

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