December 1, 2022

As an aftermath of the recent pandemic, most companies were  obligated to work remotely. Surprisingly, despite the sudden change in working environment, several employees quickly adapted to the remote working system without an evident impediment on their performance. After the working restrictions were lifted on the 30th of June 2021, there was an hesitancy to return to the former working environment. Over 80% of employees are in favor of working remotely considering the flexible time management, absence of commute time and more time for family.However a couple employers are against providing such an option

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My notes

As I summarized how I understood the article, there will be areas of improvement and slight exaggeration.. 

German term/phraseEnglish translation
Rechtsanspruchlegal claim
Gefallen an findenTo fancy, to take pleasure in, to enjoy
Zeiteinteilungtime management
Gewerkschaftentrade unions
Bundestagswahlparliamentary elections