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오늘의 단어장은 다음과 같습니다.

  • KOR : 따로
    • separately, aside, something else, apart, alone
    • 우리 따로 계산하겠습니다
    • We would like to pay the bill separately
    • 유학을 위해 돈을 따로 모아놓았어요.
    • I kept some money aside to fund your education abroad
    • 네가 따로 해야 할 일 있어.
    • There is something you have to do.
    • 따로 하겠습니다.
    • I would like to do it by myself/alone.
  • DEU : jemandem viel zu verdanken haben
    • indebted to ~, have a lot to thank you for
    • Wir haben Ihnen viel zu verdanken
    • We are greatly indebted to you
  • ENG : akin to
    • Similar to, related to
    • I am learning a language akin to French
  • ESP : Me llamo
    • My name is (name)
    • Me IIamo Comfort

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