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How I am going about learning ASP .NET in 2019 for Web Development

04/12/2019 4:44:56 PM

So…. this is quite exhausting since I have been searching after a “cheatcode” for learning Web Dev with dotnet. I typed in “how to learn ASP .NET in 2019” knowing that programming languages, frameworks and libraries evolve every month. So I decided to be more specific with my search terms.

Initially and naturally I went to the documentation page .

Problem: All the program did was console “hello world”. Now this may be interesting for an absolute beginner in web development but not for someone who has done so many consoles, stdouts and prints in python, java, javascript and C. I needed a more “rounder” and comprehensive tutorial.

So I searched for a solution on tutorial point, which I recommend for really simplified and direct to the point introductions.

And I am currently reading it and will review it once I am done (most likely in 2 days :D).

Note: I just saw this video, but I am still going to read tutorial point’s blog. see ya

04/12/2019 5:20:41 PM


What is ASP.NET?

The ASP stands for Active Server Pages and is a Microsoft web development framework which can be written in several languages such as C# (so I guess I have to learn this as well…argh) 

Which editor is commonly used when working with .NET ?

I am most likely going to be using visual studio, an editor I have never worked with. So here is another thing I have to get used to.

Explain what the ASP.NET lifecycle is


What is the Web Forms Model ?


What is a page state &  a session state ?


Describe the component model


is ASP Ajax similar to javaScript Ajax ?


What is ADO Net ?


What does a simple Web ASP.Net project look like ? and how do I create one?


What should I know about a simple ASP.NET web page (.aspx)


Events in ASP.NET


What are server controls?


Interesting info about an ASP Page


What does Run-time mean in general?


What are directives ?


How is state managed?


If I sent data via a form to the server, how do the input values get screened ?


Database connection


handling errors?


How is security guaranteed ?

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