~라고 누가 생각했겠니?

Who would have thought that you’d come.

네가 올 거라고 누가 생각했겠니?


~을 지 지 누가 알았겠어요?

Who would have thought that she’d marry him.

그녀는 그 사람이랑 결혼할 지 누가 알았겠어요?


~을 줄 누가 생각이나 했겠어요?

Who would have thought that it would be this small.

이렇게 작을 줄 누가 생각이나 했겠어요?


~라고 생각했던 사람이 누가 있을까?

I believe you but who would have thought that it was the truth. Considering the circumstances.

당신을 믿습니다만,  상황을 고려해 그것은 진실이라고 생각했던 시람이 누가 있을까 ?


누가 ~지 예상을 했을까요?

Do you really think that they weren’t involved ? Who would have thought that he was part of them ?

당신은 그들이 그 일과 상관없다고 정말 생각하세요 ? 그리고 그가 거기에  관련이 있는지 예상을 누가 했을까요?


~라고 누가 생각이나 했겠는가?

Who would have though that he would fall sick.

그 사람이 병에 걸릴 것라고 누가 생각이나 했겠는가 ?


~을 줄 누가 생각이나 했을까요?

Who would have thought it would turn out that way.

이렇게 될 줄 누가 생각이나 했을까요 ?


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary



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