[English Translation]

Since it is summer, just by walking we sweating buckets; I am very jealous when I see my friends going on a drive with their partners  and visiting a pretty cafe.

[German Translation]

Da es Sommer ist, schon beim Gehen schwitzen wir; Ich bin sehr neidisch, wenn ich sehe, wie meine Freunde zusammen mit ihren Partnern einen Ausflug machen und ein schönes Cafe besuchen.


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  1. You are too shortsighted … just because I am jealous that most of my friend’s partners have a car, I’ll ask my boyfriend to lease a rental car while I get a license.
  2. What kind of troll is this ? You buy it!
  3. Just break up.
  4. Wow, so there are still people who not only think these thoughts but also post it online?
  5. Someone who doesn’t even have a license



Korean Synonyms ( Korean) English German
땀나다 힘들다 hard, toilsome, take pains schwierig, mühsam, unbequem
걸어 다니다 산책하다, 돌아다니다, 서성거리다 walk around herumlaufen, spazieren gehen
애인 남자/여자 친구 lover Der Liebhaber, Der Freund
부럽다 좋겠다, 질투하다 envious of etwas beneiden, neidisch auf etwas, eifersüchtig auf etwas 
생각이 짧다
  short minded, thoughtless, shortsighted kurzsichtig, perspektivlos
면허를 따다   get license eine Lizenz bekommen, einen Führerschein bekommen


[Grammar principle]

~기만 해도

This syntax can be used to express the phrase “even just by” or “just by” or “even if you”.

이 음식을 먹기만 해도 건강이 좋아진다고 합니다.

They say your health will improve just by eating this dish

~는 걸 보면

On the other hand, this grammar principle is often used to express “when(ever) I see, [Person] doing an [Action]”

그 사람이 먹는 걸 보면 행복해

I am happy whenever I see that person eating

Please refer to the references below for more detailed examples.



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  • The meaning of 어그로


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