December 1, 2022

Lass uns bitte en peu 한국말을 배우다

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  1. Korean phrases using “abroad” or “overseas”
  2. How to conjugate “can” in french
  3. How to use “seien” in German


Korean – 해외

A girl in a plane; Ein in Flugzeug sitzendes Mädchen;비행기 안에서 앉아 있는 여자;

해외로 나가다 / go abroad
해외로 도피하다 / flee abroad
해외로 수출하다 / to export overseas
해외로 진출하다 / expand into foreign (markets)
해외에서 들여오다 / 해외에서 수입하다 / import from abroad
해외에서 머물다 / to stay abroad

French – to can – pouvoir

je peux ( + verb)
Tu peux / Vous pouvez / Vous pourrez
il /elle peut ( ou pourra)
nous pouvons / pourrons
ils/elles peuvent

German – seien

Seien Sie bitte nicht faul! – -> Advice/Suggestion/Command

Es sei falsch dass Kim Obama geheiratet hat -> referring to what someone else said

Bonus – jemanden beraten (to advice someone) – Ratschläge geben

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