Dance like there’s nobody watching.

The article was quite fun to read especially since I really did not know about Mark Twain. The words I found interesting in the article are found below:


  1. ①novel ②novel
    1. 소설
      1. 그의 소설은 채 완성되지 못했다
      2. He has not yet finished his novel.
    2. Der Roman
      1. Dann kann ich endlich mit meinem Roman anfangen.
      2. I can finally start my novel.
  2. quitely; fairly, rather
      1. 그날은 날씨가 꽤 추웠다.
      2. It was rather chilly that day.
  3. Origin
    1. Der Ursprung
    2. Die Herkunft
    3. Die Abstammung
      1. Der Ursprung der meisten Bräuche liegt im Religiösen.
      2. Most customs are of religious origin.
    4. 출처
      1. 그는 기사의 출처에 대해서 말하지 않을 것이다.
      2. He wouldn’t talk about the source of the article.
  4. Accurate
    1. 정확하다
      1. 네 예상은 거의 정확하다.
      2. Your prediction is near the mark.
    2. Präzise
    3. Exakt
    4. Genau
      1. Wir benötigen genaue Informationen, um Ihr eBay-Konto verwalten zu können.
      2. Accurate information is required to maintain your eBay account.
  5. Apart from
    1. ①…외에는, …을 제외하고 ②…외에도
      1. 그들은 런던에 있는 주택 외에도 스페인에 빌라가 한 채 있다.
      2. Apart from their house in London, they also have a villa in Spain.
    2. Neben
    3. Abgesehen vom
    4. mit Ausnahme von
      1. Neben diesen gibt es weitere kleine Zusammenschlüsse, die teils als Unterorganisationen einzelner indigener Gruppen fungieren.
      2. There are apart from these other smaller connections which partly function as sub-organisations of individual indigenous groups.
      3. Sie greifen nicht an, abgesehen von Einzelfälle.
      4. They’re not attacking, apart from isolated incidents.
  6. Be hurt
    1. 상처받다
      1. 당신이 내가 상처받았다는 걸 알아야 한다고 생각해요.
      2. I think you should know that I’ve been damaged.
      3. 내가 다른 남자한테서 상처받았다는 거 알잖아요.
      4. You know that I’ve been hurt, by some guy.
    2. Verletzt sein
      1. Sie könnte verletzt sein oder im Sterben liegen oder noch Schlimmeres.
      2. She could be hurt or dying or worse.
  7. Forever
    1. 영원히
      1. 그녀는 영원히 독신으로 살길 원한다.
      2. She wants to stay single forever.
    2. für immer
      1. Das ist der Moment, an dem sich dein Leben für immer verändert.
      2. This is the moment that your life changes forever.


Hope to see you in the next Korean and German vocab post!

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