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Learning Plan : Daily

I am going to take my Korean language learning even more seriously this year. So this is my weekly plan:

Day Morning Optional Morning
Monday Shadowing TTMIK Memrise Read a webtoon: 1 Episode
Tuesday ✔️ ✔️ Blog about read episode; Hellotalk chat with native speaker
✔️ ✔️ Blog about read episode; (continuation and completion)
Thursday ✔️ ✔️ Describe episode and upload on youtube
Friday ✔️ ✔️ Translate random Korean Youtube VID
Saturday ✔️ ✔️ Read random naver article, watch documentaries on youtube ;
Hellotalk chat with native speaker
Sunday ✔️ ✔️ Naver’s today’s Korean Conversation : week review



Let me explain



Improvement Areas : Vocabulary

Plan: Simply active memorisation of words; I hate this task, so I might only do this 2x or once weekly.

Goal: Vocabulary expansion


Shadowing TTMIK

Improvement Areas: Listening and Intonation

Plan : I will be listening to one IYAGI episode daily for 1 to 2 weeks until I know all the words in its transcript. I also hope to learn the “music” of the language my Imitation

Goal: Vocabulary expansion; Increased speed at reading the transcript

Current IYAGI Episode : Priority Seating For The Elderly – 노약자석


Read a webtoon

Improvement Areas: Exposure to slangs and more commonly used terms

Plan: Read a very interesting webtoon ( 1 episode) so as to not get bored. No attempt at memorising words since I will be using the “Shadowing TTMIK” plan to absorb new words. This is just to increase my exposure to the words that I have already learned.

Goal: Repeated exposure to already learned words

Current Webtoon: 좋아하는 부분 &여신강림


Blog about read episode

Improvement Areas: Writing, Summarizing read text, vocabulary

Plan: Write a short summary of the episode I read on the previous day, using my own words. This lets me actively use words I already know and increase my experience with these known words.

Goal: Active usage of known words


Describe episode and upload on youtube

Improvement Areas: Usage of known words in speech

Plan: 1 – 5 minutes long audio clip describing the webtoon or some topic I studied on during the previous days.

Goal: Investigation of problem areas during conversations; Improvement in speed of vocab recollection;


Translate random Korean Youtube

Improvement Areas: Listening; Vocab; Accents

Plan: Pick a video; check if the “add translation” is public

Goal: Exposure to known words; Improvement of listening; Exposure to different Korean accents

Youtube Channel: Oluwatimilehin


Read random naver article, watch documentaries on youtube

Improvement Areas: Reading advanced texts; Listening to official clips;

Plan; Read text once; no need for re-reading; no active learning of new vocab;

Goal: Improvement of grammar

Recommendations: Naver School (seems less advanced) , Naver Wedding (for romance lovers), EBS documentary, MBN Entertainment, 뉴스TVCHOSUN


Naver’s today’s Korean Conversation : week review

Improvement Areas: Grammar; Phrases

Plan: Actively memorise phrases not words; Repeat and use during conversation practice with native

Goal: Grammar improvement; sound more naturally

Website: Naver


Hellotalk chat with native speaker

Improvement Areas: My pronunciation

Plan: Pick two topics ( for two conversations); Research on topic; actively memorise phrases and words for that topic; Use them during conversation; Notice if native speaker understood me and if the phrases I used weren’t awkward.

Goal: Pronunciation; Grammar in actual conversation; Vocab recollection;



Hope this helps y’all!

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