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The first episode introduces us to the main character, who is a 32 unmarried and unemployed freelancer lady called Han Ji ah. This freeloader is obligated to take over the house chores.  On New Year’s Day, her sister along with her husband and toddler visit the family home. Seeing that her sister was home,

Han Ji thinks that she finally has the chance to rest from all the housework. Besides, she has been the only one in charge. However, everyone jumped at her for insisting that her unwell sister take over.

Thus, out of frustration, she stepped out to smoke, where she met Min Cheol. He stood next to her, eating chicken breast, while hoping Han Ji would remember who he was. She did, after he made gestures that helped her recollect their childhood school memories. Meanwhile, they spoke on their current life, where she brought up her frustration on living with her parents. Even jokingly asked if he could marry her to save her from the torture.

In conclusion, they got married.

What is going on.


  • 어쩌다보니, somehow, one thing led to another, for some reason | irgendwie, eins führte zum anderen, Aus irgendeinem Grund
  • 천생연분, soulmate | Seelenverwandter
  • 새해, new year | Neujahr
  • 민족의 명절, national holiday | Nationalfeiertag,  Feiertag
  • 설날, The New Year | Das neue Jahr
  • 무직, being unemployed | arbeitslos  , beschäftigungslos , erwerbslos
  • 깜빡하다, to forget | vergessen, übersehen, fehlen, versäumen
  • 주워 먹다, pick up and eat, grab a bite to eat | aufheben und essen, sich etwas zu essen holen
  • 부치다, fry, griddle | braten , frittieren
  • 감수하다, put up with, endure |  hinnehmen, aushalten, dulden, tolerieren, ertragen
  • 짝을 찾다, look for a partner | einen Partner suchen
  • 남사스럽다, to be manly | männlich, hauptsächlich, mannhaft
  • 막히다, be blocked, be closed, be clogged | blockiert, gesperrt, verstopft
  • 뭉치다, make a mass, press together | zusammendrücken
  • 꽃무늬, floral pattern | Blumenmuster
  • 앞치마, apron | Küchenschürze
  • 교대하다, take turns, rotate | abwechseln, ablösen
  • 처형,sister-in-law |die  Schwägerin
  • 멀뚱멀뚱 바라보다, gaze blankly(at) | glotzen leer, verständnislos anschauen, ausdruckslos hinstarren, schweigend starren
  • 똥물, waste water | Abwasser, Schmutzwasser
  • 입이 험하다, spiteful tongue | böse Zunge
  • 흡연장,a smoking area | Raucherzone
  • 닭가슴살,Chicken breast | Hähnchenbrust
  • 지구, Earth | Erde
  • 갈라지다, be split | aufteilen
  • 혀를 깨물다, bite one’s tongue | sich auf die Zunge beißen
  • 끄덕이다, nod, bow |  nicken, wippen
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