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Summary ( 05 – This rascal is really diligent)

  • They completed the signing of their contract.
  • On their first night married, she began ordering new furniture: a bed, a chair…
  • Still shocked at how she quickly got married, she fell asleep
  • The next morning, she was awoken by the sound of Min Cheol cooking in the kitchen. He offered to make her something to eat.
  • As she fantasised about the food, she watched him throw chicken breast into the blender.
  • “It can’t be a shake, in the morning” she thought.
  • It was definitely in chicken smoothie.🙊🙊
  • Apparently she didn’t like how fishy it tasted, so she hoped that there was going to be more to the breakfast.
  • There was.
  • He handed her a protein bar.

  • She smacked it on the ground out of disbelief.
  • After going on a rant about how lack luster his breakfast was, she remembered that she meet him eating a chicken breast.
  • She opened the fridge, in hopes of something more edible, but only found sweet potatoes, mineral water and chicken breast
  • At that moment, she apologised to her mom about her being picky in her food choices
  • He went to work after informing her that she could go out to a nearby restaurant to eat.
  • She waved him goodbye, which made him flustered.
  • Once he stepped out, she was excited about finally being alone and planned to only have fun
  • A man in a car is seen waiting and Min Cheol knocks at his car window.


  • 요놈, you small thing, this fellow, you rascal
  • 부지런하다, diligent, industrious ,hard worker,hard-working
  • 맞이하다, receive, accept,to experience
  • 구매, purchase, buying
  •  완료하다, to complete
  • 얼추, approximately,almost, roughly
  • 본격적, full-scale, genuine, real, earnest, serious, standard, full-fledged.
  • 짐 정리, to unpack, to organize luggage
  • 가구, furniture
  • 이불, bedclothes, blanket
  • 푹신하다,plushy, soft
  • 감상하다, to appreciate
  • 비려. fishy
  • 치사하다, thank, appreciate,praise, compliment
  • 고구마, sweet potato, yam
  • 생수, mineral water, natural water
  • 닭가슴살,chicken breast
  • 반찬 투정. to complain about food
  • 구박하다, be hard on, ill-treat, molest


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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