Episode 77

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여러분 잘 지내시죠?

So where did we stop last time ? Oh yea, Minu standing behind Yoo-ju creepily. She describes the character that had been stalking her for a while and speculates that Eun-Hwa could be the culprit. Minu confirmed her suspicion and based it off on the “look in her eyes”. He further stated that he is very familiar with that LOOK from several females; a look that Yoo-Ju used to give him.

지난번에 어디까지 했죠? 아, 민우 씨가 유주 씨의 뒤에 소름 끼치게 서 있는 장면까지. 유주 씨가 민우 씨한테 자기 스토커의 모습을 설명하고 은화 씨가 범인이라고 추측하면서 민우 씨가 그 의심을 확인하고 은화 씨의 눈빛으로 알아냈다고 그랬습니다. 그리고 수많은 여자들한테 유주씨를 포함하여 그 눈빛을 많이 받았으니 익숙했대요.

However, it seems like he had not completely regained his memory, especially the part where Yoo-Ju was stalker-level bat shit crazy. You could easily tell by him leaning forward to her saying:

“You are different from those girls, which is why I like you”:

So Gyu-min pops up again. arrg..h.. so irritating. He is still blaming Kang- Han Byul for his failed attempt at getting the girl. We all know he is simply a dude with low self esteem, a trait that puts off several women. I am unsure about this, but he seems to be planning out ways to ruin Kang- Han Byun even if he needs to make something up.

The final scene shows Yoo-Ju pushing Minu away and explaning why she feels uncomfortable with him being so friendly . As she walks out of the room, she trips and the papers she was holding flew all across the room. This scene was similar to that where she swore never to be with Minu again and flung the money she had planned to give him. This triggered Minu and in a partly unfortunate way helped him regain his memory about the “humiliating” version of Yoo-Ju.

His shock slowly transformed into a creepy smile upon the realisation that Yoo-Ju was indeed just like ” those girls”.

See you next week, off to read episode 77.


last time지난번, 아까 , 저번에
where did we stop 어디까지 V했죠?
creepily오싹하게,소름 끼치게, 찌질하다 , 소름돋는
describes as을 N라고 말한다, 로 묘사한다
for a while 잠깐만, 얼마동안
speculates 추측하다
confirm suspicion의혹을/ 의심을/혐의를 확인하다
look in eyes의 눈빛
to be familiar with~에 친숙한, 익숙한
However 그러나, 하지만,다만
not completely완전히 아니다/ 없다/ 지 않습니다
regain memory기억을 되찾다
one can tell that딱 봐도 ~ 은 게 보이다
to lean forward앞으로 구부리다 / 숙이다
to be different from와 다르다, 서로 다르다

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