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Summary ( 10 – Let’s do it)

Housewarming party ?

  • Cheol tells Ji a that his coworkers playfully asked that he hosted a housewarming party, while they were congratulating him for his marriage.
  • He states that since they asked jokingly, she could take her time to think on it. No pressure.
  • “Let’s do it” Ji ah exclaimed.
  • Cheol is suspicious about her hasty answer, so he asked for the reason.
  • She simply said “Just cause.”.

  • However, she is just doing it because she hates Cheol.
  • Apparently, she wants to get back at him for making fun of her “meowing”.
  • Cheol nervously tries to convince her to think more on it but she insists even further.
  • She teases that he simply doesn’t want to host his coworkers, which is why he is acting like that.
  • She was right.
  • On his way out, she waves him goodbye and he turns to smile back at her.
  • That was not the reaction mischievous Ji ah was expecting.

Two hours later

  • She is starting to regret her decision, after hours of struggling with the cooking while receiving instructions from her mom on the phone.
  • Cheol and his co-workers arrive.
  • She awkwardly greets them and welcomes them in, where she leads them to a table filled with food.

Now sis, you know you ain’t cook all dat!

  • Even Cheol is dumbfounded.
  • After the meal, Choi and Miss So go clear up the dishes. Choi asks her if she is now convinced about Cheol’s relationship.
  • Still, So had made a request to Choi, which he said he’ll do.

I wonder what the request was ?


  • 집들이, housewarming party
  • 강제, coercion, force
  • 자율, self-control, self-restraint
  • 참석, attendance
  • 억지로, reluctantly, forcibly
  • 친지, close friend
  • 지인, acquaintance
  • 풍습, manners and customs
  • 필수, essentials, requirements, necessities, a must
  • 되도록이면, if possible
  • 건방지다, arrogant, impertinent, saucy
  • 쌤통이다, Serves you right, You had it coming!
  • 차분하게, smoothly
  • 정상, normality, normalcy
  • 관찰 일기 , observation diary
  • 효울, efficiency
  • 친환경, being eco-friendly
  • 의외로, unexpectedly
  • 강하게, severely, strongly, hard
  • 밀어붙이다, push ahead
  • 군소리, nonsense
  • 토대, foundation
  • 완료, completion
  • 핑계를 대다, make[give] an excuse
  • 도망치다, escape, make off, flee
  • 속다, be deceived
  • 간장, soy sauce
  • 참기름, sesame oil
  • 마늘, garlic
  • 액젓, fish sauce
  • 갈비, ribs
  • 압력솥, pressure cooker
  • 국물, soup
  • 뱉다. spit,give back, return, speak thoughtlessly
  • 차리다, set the table
  • 상다리, table leg
  • 부러지다, break, be broken, fracture


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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