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Summary ( 11- But there was nothing wrong with what I said…)

The request

  • Mr. Choi reads the first request, which was obviously made by Soo-yeon.
  • “Both of you, kiss”
  • However, Mr.Choi feels awkward, so he attempts to skip that request.
  • Min-Cheol whispers to Ji ah, asks her if she was comfortable with the current scenario.
  • She responds very optimistically. Moreover, they are technically married on paper and had promised each other to do their best to feign happily married.
  • In the meantime Choi reads the next request.
  • “When and where  did you propose ? “.
  • Choi adds that they also have the option to drink a cup of beer, if they aren’t okay with answering the question.
  • “Okay, so time for countdown; 3, 2, …”
  • In the  midst of the suspense, Ji ah thought to herself “Did Min Cheol even propose to me?” .
  • Realizing that there wasn’t such a case, she decides to just drink away.
  • “While eating chicken breast in the smoking area, this person suddenly proposed to me” said Cheol while pointing at Ji ah.
  • Everyone was shocked and demanded that Ji ah confirms if what he said was true.
  • Ji ah picked up the punishment and drank.
  • She refused to confirm.

First kiss

  • After surviving the burn from the drink, she stares at Cheol mischievously, planning to deal  with him after the dinner.
  • “When did you both have your first kiss?” Choi asks the following question excitingly.
  • As she tried to recollect their first kiss, she remembers that  they never really had one, since she threatened to kill him if he kissed her.
  • “3, 2,….”
  • “5 years old at the nursery. ” Cheol responds.
  • Everyone was so ecstatic at the thought of them being childhood friends.
  • Ji ah exclaims that she doesn’t know what he was talking about.
  • Cheol surprised that she didn’t remembers, reminds her of her nickname at the nursery.
  • “Kissing ghost”.
  • Apparently she was that kid that kissed anyone and everyone.
  • After the eventful dinner, the coworkers bid their goodbyes and leave.
  • In the car  on their way home, Choi asks Soo-yeon, if she was now convinced about Cheol’s marriage.
  • She accepts reality and decided to move on.


  • 민감하다,be susceptible, be sensitive
  • 서류상으로, on paper
  • 융통성 있게 , to be flexible
  • 부서, department, division
  • 대리님, assistant manager
  • 살짝, easily, effortlessly,slightly, lightly
  • 곤란하다, difficult, embarrassing, awkward
  • 벌주,the wine forced on ((a person)) to drink as punishment
  • 흡연장, smoking area
  • 닭가슴살,Chicken breast
  • 화끈하다, unhesitating, without reserve, unhindered, outspoken, burning, glowing
  • 강력한, intensive
  • 악물다, shut one’s teeth, set one’s teeth
  • 이를 악물다, clench[gnaw/bite] one’s teeth
  • 어린이집, nursery
  • 소꿉친구,childhood friend
  • 별명, nickname
  • 수상쩍다, suspicious



End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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