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Summary ( 12- First kiss, when ?)


  • While Cheol was kneeling on the floor, Ji ah scolded him for telling his coworkers at the housewarming party that they had their first kiss at age 5, in the kindergarten.
  • She was so embarrassed and told him to come up with something else, if he really wants to answer that question.
  • However, Cheol, confused, asks why he has to do that ? Since it would not have looked good, if they both admitted that they had yet to have their first kiss.
  • Which was technically true. Since they only pretended to kiss at their wedding.
  • Ji ah realises, he was right.
  • Getting married as nursery-sweethearts looks better than a couple that haven’t had their first kiss.

Suddenly going to the movies because ?

  • Ji ah suddenly receives a video call from her parents.
  • The parents are excited to see the two of them “clinging” to each other and mentions that they are on date at a movie theatre to watch the new release “Spaghetti man”.
  • Once the call ended, Ji ah screams at Cheol to quickly dress up because they had to go to the cinema.
  • Apparently, Ji ah’s family has a thing, where the first person who watches the movie gets to spoil it.
  • Which, understandably, is annoying for anyone.
  • So they have to go watch it immediately, before it gets “spoiled”.

First kiss?

  • In the theatre, Cheol sheepishly asks Ji ah if they were on a date.
  • Ji ah screams at Cheol for the absurd thinking.
  • Technically they were though.
  • After the movie ended, Ji ah cries tears of joy  because of how good it was.
  • She looks to her side hoping that Cheol also had the same experience.
  • Cheol was actually a long-term fan of the series, so of course he enjoyed it.
  • On their way out Ji ah, lost in her thoughts, tripped and fell on Cheol, who was in front of her on the escalator.
  • Yes, you guessed it. Their lips were perfectly in alignment.

Me looking at the last scene:


  • 우여곡절 , complications, ups and downs
  • 집들이,housewarming party
  • 마치다, complete, finish
  • 반성, introspection, self-contemplation
  • 반성회, reflections
  • 유치원, kindergarten
  • 쪽팔리다,be embarrassed
  • 흡연장, smoking area
  • 창피하다, embarrassed, ashamed
  • 알아먹다, catch, get, comprehend, hear out, recognize
  • 상식적, being commonsense, being sensible
  • 눈치 빠르다, be quick-witted,have quick wits
  • 진정하다, relax, soothe
  • 식단, diet
  • 도배하다, to hang
  • 혼나다, struggle, have a hard time, be dying,be scolded, be rebuked, be punished
  • 맞추다, compare, cross-check, verify,piece together, assemble
  • 어째서, why, for what reason
  • 학창시절, student-years
  • 어쩐 일이야?, What’s up?
  • 서방, husband
  • 개봉하다, open, unseal, release, be coming soon
  • 대중적, being popular, mass
  • 조조, early morning
  • 벌칙,penalty, penal regulation
  • 웬만하다, tolerable, passable, respectable, decent
  • 하물며, much less, much more
  • 대형, large size, being large
  • 말할것도 없다, needless to say
  • 신작, new work
  • 욕망, desire, craving
  • 오징어, squid
  • 구석자리, a corner seat.
  • 영화관, movie theater
  • 정숙, being quiet
  • 이야기를 꺼내다, bring up a subject,strike up a conversation
  • 급발진하다, abrupt,sudden
  • 덕질,to geek out, fangirl/fanboy
  • 어언,since, already about
  • 여년, the rest of one’s life



End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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