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Summary ( 13- Talked all that crap and fell on my back )

If still within 3 seconds, it is invalid ….

  • Everyone stared at the beautiful scene created my Cheol and Ji ah.
  • Cheol slowly pulls her away and drops her,because she jumped on him and stayed there.
  • Ji ah dashes away out of embarrassment and returns to tell him this.
  • “Remember that thing in school? Anything that hasn’t gone over 3 seconds, can be forgotten and we act like it never happened. Let’s do that.”
  • Then she runs away just to  smoke.
  • She worries about how she would look at him in the face .
  • Cheol walks up to her, scolds her for smoking and they both went to get some snacks.

He really took my words seriously…

  • He actually pretended like nothing happened.
  • As she thought about how sad it was that they just skipped over their first kiss, like it was nothing, Cheol stopped, pulled his glasses and said:
  • “Ji ah, you know, that kiss lasted over 3 seconds. If I remember correctly, it lasted 5 seconds. So what I want to say is, how about we make this our first kiss ? You know we…”
  • Ji ah got lost in her thought while he rambled on and on about their earlier discussions.
  • For some reason, after a month of marriage, Ji ah leaves .
  • The reason, she got tired of Cheol.
  • Apparently, she moved to her sister’s marital home.

What is going on ???


  • 자빠지다, fall on one’s back, fall sideways , lay oneself down, fall sideways
  • 옅은, shallow,superficial,low
  • 취소, cancellation
  • 땅, ground, land, territory, land, town
  • 주워 먹다, pick up and eat, grab a bite to eat
  • 부딪치다, hit, bump, crash
  • 주니어, Junior
  • 음료, drink, water, soda
  • 처먹다, eat voraciously
  • 유난을 떨다, make a big deal (out of), make a mountain out of a molehill
  • 고작, at most, at best
  • 서운하다, sorry, remorseful
  • 의논하다, discuss
  • 이왕, already, now that, since
  • 그리하야, Thus
  • 가출을 선언하다,declare leaving home
  • 가출사유, Reason for running away



End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary


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