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Summary ( 14- Perfect timing.)

What was the reason ?

  • Ji ah’s younger sister and her brother-in-law  along with their two kids, dishevelled, stare and wonder why Ji ah is at their house.
  • So basically, Ji ah came to the conclusion to leave the house because of how awkward she felt after Cheol acted like that kiss did not happen.
  • However she decided to go to her sister’s home after weighing her options.
  • She opted out of going to her parent’s house because it was far and if she went, she wouldn’t be as free.
  • Friends? she has no friends. As she focus only on work after 25 and barely socialised.
  • Furthermore, since she was the one who set up her sister and her brother-in-law, she felt they would welcome her because they “owed”her.

Of course I am only here because of my nieces and nephews…

  • The sister asks Ji ah for the reason behind her visit.
  •  Ji ah says she just wanted to see her sister, her nephews, her niece, etc.
  • Her sister was touched sarcastically by how her older sister was considerate about her family and says “perfect timing!”.
  • Why ? since her sister is at home now, she finally has the chance to go out with her husband and not worry about the kids.
  • She thanks Ji ah for babysitting as she leaves the house with her husband.
  • On the other hand, Ji ah feels scammed and punished.

2 hours later

  • After two hours of baby sitting, she is exhausted and done.
  • She finally realises the greatness of parents.
  • As the kids demand she plays with them more, the door bell rings.
  • She wonders whether it is a delivery.
  • Ji ah opens the door and there standing was Cheol holding a box.
  • She slams the door close, worrying about why he was there, while Cheol kept knocking at the door and calling her name.

Vocabulary A

  • 제부, brother-in-law
  • 결론에 도달하다, arrive at a conclusion,come to a conclusion
  • 회, round, edition
  • 정상회담,summit (meeting), conference
  • 회의, meeting, conference
  • 열리다, open, be unlocked, unlock ,be held, take place
  • 짚다, use, push against,pinpoint, hit
  • 화면, picture, image,image, screen, monitor
  • 발생, occurrence, outbreak
  • 참고로,for reference,for one´s information
  • 주목하다, watch, pay attention
  • 무신경하다, insensitive,insensible, indifferent
  • 동의하다, agree, approve
  • 진행하다, progress, proceed
  • 떨어져 지내다, to live away, to take some time away, to be away
  • 본가, original home,parents’ home
  • 그나마, nevertheless, still ,and that, at that, even that
  • 따지자면, In terms of ~, based on ~, when it comes to ~
  • 사태, situation, state,avalanche, landslide
  • 주범,culprit, main perpetrator
  • 결정적으로, decisively,definitely, conclusively
  • 빚이 있다, be in debt,owe
  • A는  B에게 빚이 있다, A is indebted to B
  • 다름 아닌,none other than
  • 틈틈히, from time to time, whenever
  • 강력하게, heavy , powerful , forcefully
  • 밀어주다, help, support, back,support
  • 황금, gold
  • 황금 같은 주말, a precious weekend
  • 가정 교육, home discipline
  • 살살하다, wily, tricky, cunning, sly, crafty, scheming, delicate, precarious, dangerous
  • 조카, nephew, niece
  • 울, our
  • 활기, vitality, energy, life
  • 차분하다, calm

Vocabulary B

  • 끔찍하다, extremely,horrible, gruesome, devoted, ardent
  • 호칭, name, title, address
  • 개봉하다, release, be coming soon
  • 형부, brother-in-law
  • 버릇이 있다, have a disposition to~ , have a way of~ ,have a mannerism of ~, apt to ~, tend to ~
  • 일이 터지다, something happens explosively
  • 숨다. to hide
  • 급발진 해, to accelerate, to rush, to get worked up
  • 들이받다, run[bump] against, butt, gore
  • 도망치다, escape, make off, flee
  • 만만하다, easy, generous, enough
  • 대피하다, evacuate, take shelter
  • 뒷자리, backseat
  • 깔다, lay out, spread,display
  • 감동, strong feelings, strong impression, deep emotion
  • 양심, conscience
  • 맘 편히, comfortably
  • 오붓하게, cozy ,comfortable
  • 약삭빠르다, shrewd, clever
  • 사정, situation, circumstances
  • 뻔히, obviously
  • 눈치채다, become aware of [that], be conscious [suspicious] of, suspect, sense, get wind [scent] of, smell, take hint of, get wise to.
  • 벌을 받다, get punishment
  • 위대함, great
  • 이모 ,aunt
  • 택배, parcel delivery service, home-delivery service


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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