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  • Ji ah is still wondering how Cheol figured out where she was and thinks he might have used a tracking device.
  • However , one of the kids mentioned that their mum sent them a picture and  told them to open the door for the man in the image.
  • Additionally, that he was going to bring something yummy for them.
  • So that is how he found out.
  • They both sat down, while the kids devour their gift from their uncle.
  • Ji ah asks Cheol how he found her and why he came.
  • He says that his sister-in-law called and told him to quickly take Ji ah back home.
  • They both exchanged a few words and Cheol then reminded her of their 5th rule:
  •  “If there is a problem, communicate”.
  • Cheol finally asks her why she is so angry.
  • After thinking hard, she realised that she wasn’t angry at Cheol but at herself.
  • When they kissed, she actually liked it?!
  • The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.
  • In the midst of this, one the kids shoves a spoonful of mint ice cream into her mouth.
  • “Mum says to eat something sweet when you are angry”.
  • Ji ah slowly cooled down after watching Cheol interacting with the kids and seeing how she blew things out of proportion.
  • After her sister returned, Cheol and Ji ah bid their goodbyes and left.
  • On their way back home, Cheol stops to apologise for being to slow witted.
  • Ji ah responds with a question:
  • “Do you really think that I am angry just because of that ?”
  • Apparently, Cheol tends to apologise just to get the issue over with ever since they were young.
  • This irritated her .
  • However since Cheol was the one at the wrong, she says he would receive his punishment via a forehead finger flick.
  • As he prepares his forehead to get flicked, she says that she hates the fact that their first kiss was unintentional, a mistake.
  • She wants to redo it.
  • Instead of a finger flick, she redid it.
  • “Now this, is our first kiss!”.


  • 배달,delivery
  • 위치, location, situation
  • 추적장치, tracking device
  • 처제, sister-in-law
  • 죄가 없다,be innocent,be not guilty,be blameless
  • 붙여 놓다, to put together
  • 쪼르르, gently,quickly
  • 최우선, top priority, the highest priority
  • 직접적으로, directly,immediately
  • 시비를 걸다,provoke (sb to) a quarrel,pick a quarrel[fight] (with), start an argument
  • 멋대로, as one likes
  • 깔끔한 마무리, nice finish,end well
  • 구석, corner,remote place,part
  • 눈곱,eye booger
  • 나이값 못함, to not act one’s age
  • 홧김, being in a fit of anger
  • 따스하다, warm, kind
  • 배려 consideration, thoughtfulness
  • 반나절, half-day
  • 처박히다, be slammed into,be hit, be shoved, be stuffed
  • 뻘쭘하다, awkward
  • 딱밤, finger flick
  • 우연찮게, rather accidental, rather casual


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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