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Summary ( 16- The full story of that day  )

So that is what’s really bothering you?

  • Cheol asks Choi for advice on how he can take back the statement about his first kiss with Ji Ah, which he made during the house warming party.
  • Since they had an official one on their way back home from Ji Ah’s sister’s home, he wanted his coworkers to know the new tea.
  • However, the fact that something so tiny, is a concern for Cheol triggers Choi.
  • This is because, he had to deal with Miss So, who was initially interested in Cheol and was slightly down after being convinced about his marital status during the house warming party.
  • All of a sudden, while speaking, they heard a sound.
  • This was the sound from Miss Soo, as she tried to choose something from the vending machine.
  • She was so flustered that she ran away.

Not too sure if she heard what they said earlier cause that would be chaotic.

  • Choi turned his head in embarrassement, for some reason.
  • On the other hand, Cheol is completely in shock as why both are reacting that way.

Relationship expert they say…

  • A little background story on Mr Choi.
  • Even though everyone views him as a relationship expert, he sees himself as an introverted  relationship eunuch.
  • Because he has never dated in his entire life.
  • So how did he get the title?
  • He is the youngest of 3 sisters, who, as kids,  usually spoke about their concerns in front of him.
  • Hence he somewhat got a feel of what women actually wanted and thus was able to give “perfect” consultations to others.

They did what?

  • So, yes, Mr Choi and Miss Soo had a one night stand after the house warming party.
  • Now they are awkward at work, which was why she ran away.
  • Afterwards, they met again in the elevator and try to hold it in.
  • But Choi can’t take it anymore.


  • 전말,whole,full, in detail,course of events
  • 정리하다, organize,put together, remove
  • 정리하자면, To sum (it) up
  • 오해.Misunderstanding
  • 아내분. your wife
  • 처제, sister-in-law
  • 날짜, date
  • 서운하다, to be sorry, to be sad, to be disappointed
  • 정정하다, correct
  • 고작, at most, at best
  • 상담하다, consult, counsel
  • 딱히, exactly
  • 갑작스럽다, sudden, unexpected, abrupt
  • 내성적, introvert
  • 개빡치다, get mad
  • 귀담다, keep in mind
  • 달성, achievement, attainment, accomplishment
  • 지경, district, territory,border
  • 정작, actually
  • 고자, eunuch
  • 별별, assorted, various
  • 나지막히, quietly
  • 신입생, freshman
  • 새내기, newcomer, freshman
  • 까마득하다, distant, far, remote
  • 멍때리다, space out
  • 깍두기, kkakdugi Diced Radish Kimchi
  • 국물, soup
  • 국밥, gukbap Rice Soup
  • 어른스럽다, mature,grown-up
  • 잊히다, be forgotten


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


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