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Summary ( 17- Please save me.)

Still awkward.

  • Initially, they are still unconformable with each other, even unable to say a word.
  • Then mr. Choi tries to break a silence.
  • However a delivery man  interrupts as he steps into the elevator.
  • They both remained awkward at work for the rest of the day.

Maybe Cheol can help me.

  • Choi is frustrated by how Miss. Soo avoids him at work and simply wants to go back to the way things were in the past.
  • While worrying about their future on his desk, Cheol walks over, asks Choi why he seems low in energy and hands him a Hom Sam Stick.
  • Choi asks Cheol how he resolves an argument with his wife.
  • Cheol responds with “by kissing”.
  • Choi wonders why he even asked him in the first place.

Ask advice from sister.

  • On he stroll after work, he makes a phone call to Choi Yeon Joo, his elder sister who is a 32 years old well known author.
  • He asks her for her advice while hiding the details and claiming the issue is about an acquaintance.
  • Furthermore, he offers to gift her boxes of her favorite macaroons in  exchange for the advice.
  • However, before giving her perspective, she slyly asks ” is the girl in question Miss Soo?”.
  • Embarrassed, Choi cuts the call.

She seems familiar

  • A moment later, he and Ji ah cross paths near a macaroon shop.
  • They awkwardly address each other and quickly said good-byes.
  • As they walk away, they both feel that they knew each other for somewhere.
  • Suddenly she remembers him, from school/college as the “Burning chicken foot”.

Vocabulary A

  • 감잡히다, be taken advantage of one’s weakness, get caught up on a weak argument, give a handle (to the enemy)
  • 아까, a little while ago, a moment ago
  • 홍삼스틱,
  • 신경이 쓰이다,  to bother someone, to live rent-free in one’s mind
  • 기운이 없다, be in low spirits, be disheartened,be out of juice, have no energy
  • 은근, subtle , courteous , thinly
  • 눈치가 없다, be slow-witted, have slow wits,have no sense
  • 눈치가 빠르다, be quick-witted, be ready-witted
  • 명색, ostensible reason, ostensible excuse, cover, placeholder
  • 유부남. married man
  • 이론, theory
  • 실전, actual fight, actual battle
  • 계약 사항, contract detail
  • 원만한, mild, good-tempered, good-natured
  • 융통성, financing, borrowing, lending

Vocabulary B

  • 대충, roughly, cursorily
  • 대표작, masterpiece, the most important work
  • 떠벌리다, exaggerate, brag
  • 막상, in reality
  • 웬일이야?, What’s up?
  • 막둥이, being the youngest
  • 대표적 , being representative, being typical
  • 이별, parting, separation, farewell
  • 썸, a thing, the state of dating or seeing each other, fling
  • 진도, progress
  • 급발진하다, sudden accelerate, to get worked up
  • 서먹하다, awkward
  • 에 빠삭하다,  to be good at
  • 맨입,  for free
  • 짚다, pinpoint, hit, use, push against
  • 하여간, anyway, anyhow, at any rate
  • 묘하게 낯이, a strange appearance
  • 불타다, burn, blaze, be aflame
  • 닭발, chicken foot

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary


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