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Summary ( 18 – Blazing chicken feet.)

Don’t you remember me ?

  • Mr Choi ( Sang-woo )  also remembers who she is and shouts in excitement, telling her who he is.
  • Although she recognizes him, she seems to be embarrassed about something and thus tells him that he might have been mistaken.
  • He caught on her embarrassment and insists that they know each other by even reminding that he is the younger brother of someone she knows.
  • Furthermore that she gave him an autograph for a novel she wrote called “blazing chicken feet”.
  • She couldn’t pretend any longer.

Suddenly became a writer.

  • Ji Ah and Yeon Joo, Choi’s second sister, are friends who shared a hobby of reading novels in a reading room.
  • Ji Ah complained about how boring the novels have become and was interested in what Choi’s sister was writing.
  • “This looks so goood!” she exclaimed, being dramatic after reading her friend’s novel.
  • At that point, she found writing novels more interesting than reading them.
  • Thus she decided to give a go.
  • 3 months later, she gets awards as an author.

So why do you  really need my help ?

  • Sang-woo and Ji Ah sit at a restaurant and clear things up.
  • He then starts to talk about his problem mit Miss Soo.
  • After hearing his side, Ji Ah asks him bluntly:
  • “Do you need someone to talk to? or do you want some to simply push ( help you decide *)”
  • Hearing this, he became flustered.
  • She adds that he wouldn’t need this consultation, if the girl in question wasn’t someone he was interested in.

Okay I get.

  • After the sincere talk,  they parted ways.
  • On his way back home, he realises that calling her would be the next best move.
  • “Can I come over ?”.


Vocabulary A

  • 본가 : one’s own house
  • 사들이다 :stock in on, buy in large quantities
  • 섭섭하다:regrettable, to be disappointed ,  too bad, to be upset, to be upsetting
  • 막:hard, seriously,at random, haphazardly, just
  • 착각 :delusion, imagination, illusion, seeing things, to be mistaken
  • 땡기다( 당기다) : stimulate the appetite
  • 포차 : a singles bar, a dating bar
  • 데뷔작 : début work
  • 여름 : summer
  • 사그라들다 : wither, wane
  • 소설:novel
  • 취업 :getting a job
  • 학과 :subject, academic subjects, department
  • 어떻게든 anyhow, anyway, somehow (or other), by some means (or other), by any means
  • 턱걸이로 : by the skin of one’s teeth
  • 적성 : aptitude
  • 구설수: fortune to be gossiped about , gossip
  • 가득하다 : full, brimful, abundant
  • 끔찍하다  : terrible, awful, dreadful
  • 자취방  : rented room
  • 교양수업  :  class of culture
  • 소심하다   :  timid, cowardly, chicken-hearted
  • 공모전   :  open exhibition
  • 양심   : conscience
  • 수상식   : an awards ceremony
  • 필명   : fame, reputation
  • 대충   : roughly, cursorily
  • 어차피   : in any case, after all
  • 대충하다   : half-ass, , sloppify, on the fly
  • 아무튼  : in any case, anyway
  • 면하다   :  avoid, evade, be exempt from
  • 등을 떠밀다   :  push someone’s back , put pressure (on sb) (to do sth)
  • 공감능력   : empathy ability
  • 떨어지다   : drop
  • 통화   :  Talking on the phone
  • 한 잔 걸치다   :  have a drink, drink a glass of wine[liquor]
  • 예의   :  courtesy


// Sorry guys, his name is Choi Sang-woo but I have been referring to him as Mr Choi. So from henceforth, we will be gong with Mr Sang-woo.

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

당기다 vs 땡기다 – 네이버 블로그

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