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Summary ( 22- I am burning up)

  • “I am a married man” Cheol randomly says to the lady he was teaching.
  • So that clears up the situation.
  • Ji Ah is embarrassed at how he announced that they were married and that she was his wife, right in front of other people.
  • But he said it so proudly.
  • The lady apologised immediately and walked away ashamed.
  • Afterwards, on their way back home, Ji Ah considers calling off the training.
  • While in her thoughts, Cheol blurts out how happy he is to train with someone else.
  • He really had a good time.
  • After hearing this, there was no way that Ji Ah was going to ruin the moment.
  • The next morning, she begrudgingly prepares to go on walk, as recommended by Cheol.
  • On her run, she realises how good she felt and was more optimistic about reaching her goal weight soon.
  • On her run, a man shouts her name.
  • She turns around and faces someone she immediately recognizes.


  • 화끈거리다 : burn, glow, flush
  • 유부남 : married man
  • 이 참고로 : For your information
  • 튀기다 : fry,flick, pluck
  • 두부 : tofu
  • 유부 : fried tofu
  • 미리 : in advance, ahead of time
  • 실례하다 : commit a breach of etiquette, commit a discourtesy
  • 쪽팔리다 : be embarrassed
  • 사인 : cause of death
  • 수치심 : shame, humiliation, disgrace
  • 뜨다 : scoop
  • 부끄럽다 : ashamed, abashed
  • 업어주다 : carry sb on one’s back
  • 은근 : subtle , a bit
  • 인기 많다 : to be popular
  • 멀쩡하다 : uninjured, unwounded, sane, sober, spotless
  • 아까처럼 : like before
  • 버티다 : bear, endure, put up with
  • 꼴 : goal
  • 안심되다 : feel relieved
  • 때려치다 : to give up
  • 염치가 없다 : impudent, shameless
  • 퇴근하다 : leaving work, arriving home from work
  • 시간을 내다 : make[arrange] time for
  • 엄청 신나다 : to be really excited
  • 땀 흘리다 : to sweat, to perspire
  • 기분이 좋다 : feel good[well]
  • 의외로 : unexpectedly
  • 일상 : everyday life, routines
  • 본의 아니게 : against one’s will, reluctantly, unwillingly,unintentionally
  • 불만이 있다  : to have a bone to pick with, have a beef with , to have a problem with
  • 추가되다 : be added
  • 이틀차 : second day
  • 산책 : walk, stroll
  • 근육통 : muscular pain
  • 속는 셈 치 : Take a chance and, Try it; you and
  • 체중 : weight
  • 금방  : at any moment


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

추가되다 뜻

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