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Summary ( 23- Are you just making the mood ?)

  • Ji Ah runs faster as the man tries to catch up with her.
  • Although he begs her to stop cause he is tired,  she insists he doesn’t need to follow her.
  • Nonetheless they both stop after a while, the man pulls out his inhaler to take a puff.
  • After taking a sit at a nearby bench, they start to open up.
  • Na young Deuk, a 38 years old man working as a PD, hands Ji Ah his business card.
  • Afterwards he apologised for something he did to her years ago.  His apology was interrupted by a work call, so he told her to call him and left.
  • Ji Ah crumpled the card while claiming that she wasn’t going to call him.
  • The next scene shows Ji Ah at home well dressed eating her dinner with Cheol.
  • Cheol is confused as to why Ji Ah is acting out of normal, so he asks her what is wrong.
  • However  for some reason, she became very sensitive and lashed (lightly) at Cheol.
  • The next morning, she regrets the way she acted towards Cheol.
  • While she laid in bed wondering how to clear things up, Cheol asks her to come out of her room.
  • He was standing in front of the door all dressed up.


  • 기분을 내다 : let out feelings,create a suitable atmosphere, make the mood
  • 흡연으로 인한 :  from smoking, tobacco use
  • 저질 체력 : to get tired easily
  • 예의상 :. out of courtesy[politeness]
  • 명함 : business card
  • 실용적이다 : be of practical use
  • 추가하다 : add
  • 눈금 : line drawn by using your eyes only
  • 미묘하다 : subtle, delicate
  • 눈치채다 :become aware of [that], be conscious [suspicious] of, suspect, sense, get wind [scent] of, smell, take hint of, get wise to
  • 일부러 : deliberately, intentionally
  • 공원 : park
  • 본론으로 들어가다 : get to the point, proceed[go on] to the main issue
  • 배틀 : battle
  • 늘상 : quarrel
  • 안부인사 : greeting
  • 차려입다 : be well-dressed
  • 휴지 : toilet paper, toilet tissue
  • 고급스럽다 : luxurious, exclusive, high-class
  • 담기다 : be put into, be incorporated
  • 닭가슴살 :Chicken breast
  • 비정상 : being abnormal, being unusual
  • 믹서기 : blender
  • 갈아먹다 : grind
  • 정상 : normality, normalcy
  • 야채 : vegetable
  • 심란한 마음 : feelings of worry, scattered wits
  • 기분이 처진다 : to feel really low
  • 체중 관리 ;weight control
  • 어른스럽다 : mature


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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