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Summary ( 24- I have something to say too)

  • Cheol wanted to make Ji Ah feel better after witnessing her attitude the previous night.
  • So he matched her vibe or the last night, dressed formally and asked her to a dance.
  • Despite being taken aback, she was was touched by the reason behind his attempt.
  • Ji Ah wanted to know why he chose “dance” as his go-to method.
  • Apart from seeing it in movies, he stated that she said as a child that if two people do weird things together, it becomes fun.
  • So one can assume the weird act here was the “dance”.
  • Suddenly she broke out into a laughter.
  • So he indirectly achieved his goal. Her mood got better.
  • They both went out to enjoy some grilled pork belly with soju and had fun at a karaoke bar.
  • On their way back home, Ji Ah realises how much she enjoyed his company and immediately thanked him.


  • 잡상인 : peddler, hawker, huckster
  • 사절 : refusal, decline, rejection
  • 기분을 풀다 : lighten up, feel better
  • 하필  : of all things
  • 기분전환  : diversion
  • 은근히  : constantly and slowly
  • 구석  : corner,side,part
  • 무거워지다  : become heavy
  • 총을 쏘다  :  shoot[fire] (a gun)
  • 묘하게 :  whimsically
  • 흥겹다  : happy, joyful, merrily
  • 신이 나다 : get excited, be keyed up
  • 이왕   : already, now that, since
  • 삼겹살 :   pork belly meat
  • 시비 :  argument, right and wrong
  • 촛불을 켜다 :  light a candle
  • 숯불 :  charcoal fire
  • 고기를 썰다 :   cut[chop] meat
  • 굽다 : bake, roast, grill
  • 수상하다 :  suspicious
  • 고추 :  red pepper, hot pepper
  • 노란색 :  yellow
  • 밟다 :  step on
  • 뒤늦게 :  too late
  • 되묻다 :  repeat a question, ask again


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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