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Summary ( 26 – Definitely rubbed it in!)

  • Ji Ah wakes up from a dream where she gets the chance to redo their first kiss.
  • Disappointed that it was a mere dream, Ji Ah leaves her room only to be in front of Cheol.
  • They awkwardly sat together and refused to acknowledge what happened.
  • Cheol chugs down his disgusting blended chicken mix, while Ji Ah struggles with her salad.
  • Out of nowhere, Ji Ah bangs her head on her food, prompting Cheol to ask whether she was feeling unwell.
  • She looked so embarrassed and immediately told him to go off to work while she ran to her room.
  • At work, Cheol reminisces about that night.


  • 비비다 : rub,mix
  • 명색 : being something in name only, being nominal, ostensible reason, ostensible excuse
  • 찐득하다 : patient, tenacious, sticky, glutinous
  • 혀 : tongue
  • 개꿈 : silly dream
  • 존댓말 :honorific
  • 유심히:mindfully,carefully, attentively
  • 과연 :  indeed
  • 판단하다 : judge, decide
  • 진정하다 :  true, sincere, relax, soothe
  • 굳이: obstinately, persistently
  • 분명: clearly, surely
  • 식탁 : dining table
  • 모기: mosquito
  • 따지다 : question closely,nitpick, quibble over,calculate
  • 술기운 :tipsiness, intoxication
  • 취하다 :be drunk, be intoxicated,be enchanted, be fascinated
  • 호감을 느끼다 : have a good feeling
  • 긴장의 연속  : nerve-racking
  • 계약 결혼   : marriage by contract
  • 잔소리   : useless talk, idle talk, nitpicking, preaching, scolding
  • 조마조마  : be in great fear; be kept in suspense; be in a fidget
  • 착각   :  illusion, delusion
  • 일시적인   : palliative , temporary, transient, momentary
  • 당장  : right now,immediate future
  • 깜빡하다  :flicker, waver,blink,be blurred
  • 설거지  :  washing dishes
  • 통  : bucket, container,bucket

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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