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Summary ( 28 – Are you worried ? )

  • Cheol throws his jacket on her, which Ji Ah was flustered about.
  • As Cheol realises what he subconsciously did , he turns a way in embarrassment  while Ji Ah teasingly questions his intentions.
  • “It… it is because it is cold” he responds in a barely convincing manner.
  • She did not buy it. Seeing that everyone in the gym was either shirtless or barely dressed.
  • So she teased further.
  • “Yes you are right. I care. I don’t want others seeing you dressed like that” he blurted out.
  • Flustered, she stayed quiet until they left the gym.
  • On her way back home, she recollected how he would care after her  when they were younger.
  • Realising how safe he makes her feel, she rushes towards him and grabs his hand.
  • They are getting closer perhaps.


  • 감기 걸리다 :catch[take] (a) cold, get cold
  • 쌀쌀하다 : chilly, rather cold,brusque, distant, icy
  • 얇게 : light, pale,thin
  • 확률 : probability, chance
  • 독하다 : poisonous,potent, strong,spiteful, venomous
  • 한창 : peak, height, heyday, prime
  • 걸치다 : hang,stretch, lie across
  • 얼어 죽다 : freeze to death
  • 설레다 : flutter
  • 마치다 : complete, finish
  • 업어주다 : give a piggyback ride
  • 세다 : strong, powerful
  • 더럽게 : frigging,freaking
  • 엄지척  : thumb up!
  • 고집부리다  :  show persistence
  • 씨름하다 : struggle, strive, exert oneself
  • 고생 많았다 : one did a lot
  • 제멋대로 : recklessly, rudely
  • 고집불통  : being headstrong, being willful
  • 성질머리   : a temperamental mind
  • 은근히   :  constantly and slowly,tastefully, delicately,quietly, secretly
  • 막무가내  :  being stubborn

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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