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Summary ( 30 – Did I screw it up ? )

    • The department manager mistakenly sends “are you sleeping” text to Choi, while they were chatting at night.
    • She became embarrassed after realising the mistake she made.
    • On the other hand, Mr. Choi is flustered and does not know how to properly react.
    • They talk on the phone for a while and decide to go on a date together.
    • On the D-day at the movie theater, she came fully covered because she did not want anyone to recognize her with Choi.
    • Problem was, Ji-Ah is was also there.


  • 조지다 : screw up
  • 해석하다 : interpret, comprehend, explain
  • 쿼티 키 :QWERTY
  • 붙다  : stick to, cling to
  • 삭제하다   : delete, remove, eliminate
  • 과장님 : manager
  • 통화 가능 : free to call
  • 제 딴엔 :  one’s own words
  • 최대한 : to the hilt, fully, completely,maximum, utmost limit
  • 상대 : opponent
  • 배려하다 : consider, act thoughtfully
  • 꺼내다 : begin to speak, start talking,take out, carry out
  • 민망하다 : awkward, embarrassed, pitiful, pathetic
  • 발생하다 :  occur, generate
  • 미치다 :   go mad, lose one’s mind
  • 정답 :  correct answer
  • 방해하다 : interrupt, disturb
  • 깨지다 : break, fail to keep, fail to accomplish
  • 하품하다  : yawn
  • 은근 : subtle
  • 대잔치  : big party, big festival, big feast
  • 약속을 잡다    :  make an appointment
  • 막말로    :  to put it bluntly

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.


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