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Summary ( 07 – When did I ?)

  • Mr. Choi and Miss So are visually shocked by how intense Mr. Cheol’s wife looked.
  • They continue eavesdropping at the conversation between Mr. Cheol and Miss. Ji.
  • She nitpicks at him for coming home late, since she was waiting for him to have dinner together.
  • Mr. Cheol was confused because earlier, during breakfast, they had decided to eat separately. So he assumed that the same would apply for dinner as well.
  • She insists that he should call her regardless , especially  when he knows that he was going to leave work late.
  • Mr. Choi and Miss So conclude from that conversation that Miss. Ji wasn’t one to be messed with.
  • Cheol asks his wife, Ji ah, if it was okay to call her. Apparently he thought she would be uncomfortable with him contacting her.
  • Ji ah, surprised, asked “when did I say that ?”
  • “In elementary school ?” he answered.

  • “Do you mean 5 years ago, when you called me despite you not having a phone ? that time ?” she asked dumbfounded.
  • He called her then so they could play games together at his house, but she always avoided him.
  • Ji ah claims that she does not remember.
  • As  she tried to reel it back to the main topic, she notices someone hiding behind a building listening.
  • Mr. Choi and Miss. So suspected that Ji had noticed them, so they hid even further.
  • Mr. Choi feels he knows Miss Ji from somewhere.
  • As she prepared for bed, while Ji ah was brushing her teeth, she started wondering how Cheol still recollects memories from 20 years ago.
  • She also remembers why she avoided him when they were younger.
  • Both were very close in elementary school and even shared snacks. Same age, same neighbourhood same nursery, both from a dual income family.
  • However, she got teased about her being close with a boy and her classmates often asked her if she was dating young Cheol.
  • That was when she started avoiding him.

Elementary kids stay ruining everything!

  • She even ignored him in middle school.
  • As she laid down on the bed thinking about this, she realized how pathetic she was.
  • While cringing at the thought of her past, she gets a message from Cheol, who is in the other room.
  • He sent her a gift. “Hell Spicy chicken feet set”
  • Her heart melted as she wondered how he knew that she liked chicken feet.
  • She stormed into his room and reminded him “If  you have a problem, communicate!”


  • 기세, intense, furious, rough
  • 따지다, nitpick, quibble over
  • 상식, common sense
  • 초등학교, elementary school
  • 동물원, zoo
  • 원숭이, monkey
  • 강산, landscape
  • 어린이집, nursery
  • 출신, social status
  • 맞벌이, couple working together, dual-income family
  • 놀림을 받다, to get teased
  • 닭발, chicken foot


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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