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  • “The fifth clause in my part of the contract” Ji ah added.
  • She restates that he should always communicate first, if there is a problem.
  • Ji used the gift that Cheol sent her and they both sat to eat.
  • Cheol  wanted to know, if he had made any mistake.
  • Ji ah tells him that although he did not commit a mistake, he was impolite.
  • He is confused at the “impoliteness”.
  • Apparently she found it impolite to order chicken feet without beer.
  • She thought that it was a good time for them to chat, especially since they have never really sat down together to talk, she  drinks and offers him a cup of beer.
  • He declined the beer.
  • Why ? she asks.
  • He responds with “Muscle loss” while doing the stereotypical bodybuilder competition pose.
  • Moreover she realizes how insane she looked for dreaming of having a chit chat over spicy chicken feet and beer with a dude who is addicted to eating chicken breast and grass three times a day.
  • Also, she tells him that since their taste differs, there would be no need for them to meet up and he can go back to his room to continue with what he was doing before.
  • As she tries to change the topic, he gets up and fetches himself a plate of grass and meat.
  • Then he adds that they should continue having such chit chat moments, even if he does not drink alcohol, he could at least offer her drinks.
  • Ji ah feels touched at his attempt.
  • “So, what  did you want to talk about?” Cheol asks.
  • Ji ah really had nothing to talk about.

  • She proposes they both just continued drinking.
  • Two hours later and completely drunk , she starts teasing him about their childhood.
  • During the conversation, she falls asleep, wakes up and snatches his glasses.
  • Cheol chases her until he falls over her and now they are about to…..


  • 동의, agreement
  • 허락 없이, without permission[leave]
  • 사생활, privacy, private life
  • 강요하다, force, pressure, coerce
  • 항, section, clause, paragraph
  • 신청하다, apply, ask out, register
  • 이의없다, no objection
  • 차갑다, cold
  • 불만 사항, complaint
  • 예의를 지키다,be well-mannered,practice good manners, observe decorum
  • 곰곰이 생각하다, think carefully, to ponder over
  • 안주 거리, appetizers served with drinks
  • 근손실, Muscle loss
  • 삼시세끼,three meals a day
  • 풀,grass, herb, weed
  • 쳐주다, pay, offer
  • 젠장, darn it, damn
  • 과하다, excessive


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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