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Summary ( 09 – Me…Me…Me..)

Pushed to the bed ?

  • Never-mind, he didn’t push her onto the bed but onto the wall.


  • As he pressed her against the wall, he demanded she returned his glasses.
  • She placed the glasses back on his face and dashed back to her room, where she tried to calm her heart down.
  • Her face was all red and she folded her self in embarrassment .
  • The next morning, as Cheol prepared to go to work, Ji ah hid behind the entrance.
  • She had planned to apologize about the event that occurred the previous night.
  • But it didn’t go as expected.
  • She stuttered and for some reason, meowed like  a cat AT the cat, Chwi.

It can’t get any worse, can it ?

  • Everyone was too stunned to speak. including the cat.
  • At work, Cheol tries to get advice from Choi and narrated how his wife imitated a cat out of the blue.
  • However, the subordinate interpreted it as Cheol being braggadocios about his marriage life.
  • Cheol clarified that he thought because Choi came off as someone who had more experiences with relationships, he’d be in a better position to explain it.
  • Choi suggests that Ji ah could have wanted to use her child-like charms or simply a childish play.
  • “But we aren’t that close for aegyo” Cheol interjects.
  • “But she is your wife though” Choi responds confused.
  • Regardless, Choi gives him instructions to start with.
  • “Make sure to keep this in mind : whenever you are talking with women , first is empathy and second, empathy. If you have nothing to say, just nod and copy their actions.”
  • That was Choi’s advice to Cheol.
  • What did Cheol do with that information ? He did exactly that.
  • Immediately after arriving the house, right in front of Ji ah, he meowed.

Good bye!


  • 단단히, hard, solidly,firmly
  • 벽, wall
  • 몰리다, be steered
  • 순순히, obediently,plainly
  • 내놔, give it back
  • 꾸물거리다, wriggle, wiggle, move slowly, putter, dilly-dally
  • 흉내내다, imitate, mimic, copy
  • 염장을 지르다, rub salt in(to) the wound
  • 자기과시, self-display
  • 연애경험, dating experience
  • 애교를 부리다, act charming, display one’s charm, behave in a coquettish manner
  • 연애학 박사, a Ph.D. in love studies
  • 해결 방법, solution method
  • 포맷하다, to format
  • 고개를 끄덕이다, nod one’s head
  • 따라하다, follow, imitate, copy


End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  

Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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