10 or more Korean Youtube Channels with Korean Subtitles for Korean language learners 2020

Korean YouTube Channels

last update: 06/21/2021

This is a list of Korean YouTube channels that could be helpful for working on your listening and pronunciation skills.

Note: This list will constantly be updated

라이브 아카데미

Despite the target audience being Korean native speakers learning English, I feel this channel would also be of help for Korean language learners. Especially for those within the “experience” beginner to intermediate level; Mainly due to the slightly advanced grammar concepts that are only clarified for the English learners group. To get the best of this channel, writing down 3  –  5 interesting but useful phrases from the video and practice using these phrases by yourself. Or you could refer to the Naver KOR-ENG dictionary for practical examples.


A mix of review based content, comedic skits and squirmy 1:1 couple discussing on somewhat controversial topics may make your Korean language learning process a bit more bearable. Although I rarely use this channel personally, simply due to preference, I will suggest you focus more on the short dramas. Yes, the story lines may be overused and played out, but I beats watching the news, right ?

ShaunDan TV 숀댄TV


Unlike the familiar daily news that preoccupied our parents in the evenings while we thought of a plan about hiding our school results, SUBUSU news is a more friendlier source of reality. Through this channel, I learned about the past president’s scandal while passively working on my Korean vocabulary recognition muscle. However, seeing that it is a news channel, advanced to intermediate level vocabulary is bound to be used. Thus, if you are  beginner or simply testing the waters, do not use this content to learn new words. Why? You don’t even have the basic vocabulary down yet, neither the grammar. Rather, either play a video in the background while you clean or merely watch it for entertainment sake as a beginner. For intermediate to advanced folks: repeat, repeat, repeat. While the shadowing technique has had its wave of popularity and scepticism on YouTube, one could pick the essence of this method. I do not shadow by speaking along, I shadow by listening for one reason :FAMILIARITY. listening to the same content over and over again my seem exhausting but this would improve your ability to recognise a word you have already come across.

디에디트 라이프 THE EDIT

Interior design, shopping and fashion tips as well as lifestyle topics are the focus of this channel. If you are well versed in this area, I will suggest you add this channel to your list.


닷페이스 .FACE


소근커플 S.K.Couple

영국남자 Korean Englishman (Recommended by 유충렬 : @disqus_Ixa4lRkmRv)



딩고 스토리 / dingo story

KBS N (연애의 참견)

미내플Minapple Rocks

Femininity, relationships and improving your social awareness or ability to maneuver through uncomfortable social spheres are the highlights of this channel. If you are interested in learning practical information along with new korean vocabulary, I would recommend this channel.












디렉터 파이


I really love this channel. Even as a foreigner, I can tell her enunciation is excellent. I try to “shadow” her videos when the time permits, but only from time to time. I have also noticed her use of relatively advanced vocabulary or terms that I am yet to discover. Probably terms I still do not know even in English, my first language. I recommend her content for all but specifically to those attempting to break out of the infamous and “stale” intermediate plateau stage.




최희의 노잼희TV NojamheeTV

멜번 오지랖Mel OJR


영평티비 YPTV

This channel is more of a comedy channel than lifestyle. If you are a korean SNL regular viewer, you should be able to recognize the youtuber. Yes she does have her past controversies, but I find her youtube videos very helpful especially if one is interested in different korean accents.




송대익 songdaeik



LGBTQ awareness is increasing and improving thanks to this channel.  I personally watch her videos in the background because of how captivating her storytelling is. Along with comedic relief, she takes you into the realities of transgenders in Korea through her experiences.

멘탈케어::힐링 심리학 채널::

See you later.. .oh by the way for more korean language content read the following blog posts.

카대남 홍준 HongJun

the life of a Korean uni student. 100% relatability and aesthetics.


If mystery, suspense, real crimes and probably unsolved cases catches your attention, this is the channel for you.

suzyfornow수지는 지금

웹드라마 이상한여자 [The Odd Lady]


On this youtube channel I personally only watch content related to Monsta X’s Hyungwon, one of the top KPOP meme lords. So if you are a fan like me, simply search “채형원” and click on videos put out by this channel, because most of his videos are subtitled in Korean.


Recommendable to people interested in Korean couple vlogs.


Tacosama 타코사마


헌이의 일상 Jinun

For christians looking for korean christian vloggers, I recommend this channel. A youth pastor who vlogs about his relationship with Christ and his girlfriend and also uploads praise/worship streaming sessions.

심리학하는 교회언니 hepbsibah

모모 momoe

곽정은의 사생활

김강열 youtube

그것이 알고싶다 공식계정

영지발굴단 The Adventures of Young-Ji

King of journalist

Season B Season

A lot of you may already be subscribed to this channel. Yea, Rain!


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