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Title: When I was younger I thought I was beautiful, once I started working, I became humbled..

어릴 땐 내가 예쁜줄 알아..일 시작하고 겸손해져

  1. When I was younger :어릴 땐 ; Opposite – When I became an adult: 어른이 될 때
  2. I thought:  을 줄 알다;  Opposite – I did not know/think that … :  을 줄 모르다
  3. After ( not always “immediately after”) : ~ 하고; Opposite – Before:  ~ 기 전에 
  4. be humbled: 겸손해지다;

My Translation: Kim Hye made an appearance in the SBS variety show, Our baby Miun,  aired in the afternoon on the 1st. While being open and honest, she brought laughter during the show.

김희애는 1일 오후 방송된 SBS 예능프로그램 ‘미운 우리 새끼’에 출연해 솔직한 입담으로 웃음을 줬다.

  1. Afternoon :오후 ; Opposite – Morning: 아침
  2. was aired/televised/broadcasted:  방송된;
  3. A variety show:예능프로그램 ;
  4. our baby, our puppy, kitten : 우리 새끼;
  5. to starr in ~ (a show); to make an appearance in ~ (a show or televised event) : ~ 에 출연하다
  6. honest, truthful, frank: 솔직하다; Opposite – dishonest, deceitful :  정직하지 않다 
  7. be a talkative: 입담으로;
  8. laugh out load (LOL):  웃음을 줬다

My Translation: On that day, Shin Dong yoep asked Kim Hye  “Did you not think you are beautiful ?”. She said “Yes, I used to think that way when I was young. Even while walking on the road, I held my head high.

이날 신동엽은 김희애에게 ‘본인이 예쁜 줄은 알지 않았냐’라고 말했고, 김희애는 “어릴 땐 그랬다. 내가 예쁜 줄 알았다. 길 갈 때도 고개 들고. 어릴 때는 예뻤다”라고 말해 눈길을 끌었다.

  1. on this day, this day: 이날
  2. You, yourself, personally: 본인
  3. to say ~ to (someone): ~에게 라고 말하다
  4. to be like that, to have done that, to have said that, to have thought that (way) etc: 그랬다
  5. on the way, while going : 길 갈 때
  6. even (though): 도
  7. hold head up ( in pride), raise head: 고개 들다
  8. appeal to the eye, to be attractive, to catch someone’s eye : 눈길을 끌다

My Translation: “I kept thinking I was beautiful but after visiting a local broadcasting station, I saw that everyone is beautiful (appealing to the eye). So now I am humbled” she explained. 

이어 “내가 예쁜 줄 알고 다녔는데, 방송국 들어오고 나니까 다 예쁘더라. 그래서 이제 겸손해졌다”라고 덧붙였다.

  1. keep thinking that… while doing other things.. / having a thought in mind: 줄 알고 다니다
  2. local station / FM radio station: 방송국
  3. enter, come in : 들어오다
  4. After: 고 니니까, 고 나서
  5. to find out that, to know that (based on experience e.g. seeing, smelling etc) : 더라
  6. Therefore, So: 그래서
  7. Now: 이제
  8. to add to ( context: conversation), to explain further (e.g. she added that.. ) : ~라고 덧붙였다

My Translation: She added “When I told my father that I am an actress, he objected/did not allow me to. Shouldn’t it be great to earn a lot of money right from childhood ? I tried to find my path in life from early on”.

또 김희애는 “배우한다고 할 때 친정 아버지가 반대를 하시긴 했다. 어릴 때부터 돈도 잘 벌고 좋지 않으셨을까요? 일찍부터 길도 잘 찾아가고”라고 설명했다.

  1. and, so, also : 또
  2. when one says that : ~다고 할 때
  3. a married woman’s father: 친정아버지
  4. to oppose, deny, to disagree, to object: 반대를 하다
  5. from an early age, right from childhood, since I was a child: 어릴 때부터
  6. to make money, to earn money: 돈을 벌다
  7. well:  잘
  8. to not be great, to not be good : 좋지 않다
  9. early: 일찍부터
  10. to find (your) way/path: 길을 찾아가다
  11. to explain that ~: ~ 라고 설명했다

DONE! Well done. If you have suggestions or notice something wrong, do not hesitate to correct me in the comment section.
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I will also translate the sentences to German, later.
다음에 이 기사를 독일어로 번역 해보겠습니다.

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