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How does one cope with only living for the weekends ?

Effectively, my business day together with the commute accounts for 10.5 hours. After work, I am to exhausted for hobbies, sport or friends. I noticed that I am only living for the weekends and that makes me really sad. How does one handle this with full-time employment ?


  • mit etwas klar kommen :  to handle, to cope with something, to deal with something
  • effektiv : effectively , efficiently
  • der Arbeitstag : working day, business day, weekday
  • der Arbeitsweg: commute, way to work
  • kaputt : broken, damaged, ruined
  • etwas merken : to notice, to realize, to feel
  • traurig : sad
  • die Vollzeitbeschäftigung : full-time employment, full-time job


Yall I am also learning German, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  


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