Lexpression Web App 

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11:17:20 AM finally can sleep

Apologies for not documenting the development process daily, however, if you follow my Youtube channel, you should have seen the coding videos. So yea, the website /web application is deployed and it looks good, like functionally good.Not sure about the basic design. The web app is created using React, pure JS, PHP and MYSQL. PHP and MYSQL were quite problematic for me, especially using classes, traits and encapsulating data that should not accessible to the world. But I did it. The code could be improved, actually, will be improved but later.

Lexpression Web Application

Displays a list of expressions and their corresponding translations

My main goal is to automate thee database backup, just incase the webapp security is not up to par. Definitely have to read up on website/web application security techniques in general. I would also like to add the upvote and downvote functionality, but I do not think it is necessary.

I also created a basic looking dashboard to handle the data. I do not like the idea of changing values directly in the database.

Lexpression Webapp Dashboard… looks very basic, but I like it

I will be updating on the progress of the web application. See ya!


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