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Storytelling is the art of telling a story that the audiences resonates with and spreads. Known storytelling techniques are applicable to global corporation marketing, distributed content, social media updates, website blog posts.


The three act structure

This is the oldest and simplest storytelling technique.

  1. Set the scene and introduce the cast ( characters   )
  2. Provide a confrontational scenario and create tension
  3. Resolve the conflict

The five act structure

Present the important background details

  1. Development : Introduce the story leading to the climax
  2. Peak/Climax: : Create a plot twist by using the most interesting parts of the story
  3. Resolution: The story building from the climax
  4. Ending : End the story by resolving the problem in the climax


This is the most preferred storytelling and copy writing formular used by the author of the article.

  1. Before : Describe a problem that the target audience can resonate with and that can be solved by your company
  2. After : Imagine a world, where this problem does not exist and describe how such a world could be created using the services and products provided by your corporation.
  3. Bridge :  The method towards the solution

Problem – Agitate- Solve

This copy writing formular is structurally similar to the before-after-bridge technique.

  1. Problem : Initially present the problem
  2. Agitate: Rather than presenting the before and after, amplify the problem by using more emotional phrasing and wording
  3. Solve: Finally resolve the conflict by offering your product or service

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

This method was popularised by the Simon Sinek and the related TED talk is available on Youtube

  1. Always start with the WHY. Why does the corporation exist ? What inspires you ?
  2. Address how your company can satisfy the WHY
  3. Elaborate the specific steps taken by your corporation to answer the WHY

Dale Carnegie’s Magic Formula

Dale Carnegie created this formular after observing and analysing several leaders.

  1. Gain the audiences attention by beginning with sharing a personal experience that complements the message you wish to convey
  2. While stating that a change is needed, elaborate step by step  the actions that you took.
  3. Bring the story to a close by bridging the changes taken with the benefits gained.

Dave Liber’s V Formula

With 40 years experience as a columnist, Dave Liber shared, on a TED talk, the storytelling method that he uses in his own stories

  1. Introduce the characters,narrate how the scenario got bad and pull the audience into the story by using emotions
  2. Explain the journey of the lowest point of the story during its uninteresting parts
  3. Conclude the story in the fun part of the story

Star – chain -hook

  1. Star:  The element of the story that draws the attention of the audience
  2. Chain: The element that transforms that attention into desire
  3. Hook: The element that allows people to satisfy that desire

Pixar award winning formula  : Story spine

This formular was created by Kenn Adams

  1. Introduce the characters of the story
  2. Present their daily routines
  3. Present the “plot twist” that shakes their ordinary daily life (routine )
  4. Explain how these characters overcame this problem
  5. Celebrate what was overcame

The hero’s adventure

The original hero’s journey formular comprises of 17 levels, however only 3 was addressed in the article.

  1. The hero is contacted for a new adventure, gets some advice from his mentor and leaves for the journey
  2. Although the hero encounters several difficulties, he completes the given mission
  3. After returning back home, the hero uses his newly gained strength or fortune to help other people

Vocabulary List


  • 공식, official
  • 전설적, legendary
  • 청중, audience
  • 공감하다, sympathize, empathize
  • 확산되다, to be spread, dispersed
  • 예술, art
  • 대기업, conglomerate, large enterprise, big business
  • 표준, standard
  • 도전하다, to challenge
  • 기업, company, enterprise, business
  • 입증되다, to be proven
  • 전반적, overall, global
  • 제작되다, to be made, produced, created
  • 적용하다, to apply, to put on
  • 설정, setup
  • 현장, scene, spot
  • 등장인물, cast
  • 대치되다, to be substituted
  • 상황, situation, condition
  • 제공하다, to offer, to provide
  • 긴장되다, to be nervous
  • 접하게,to come into contact, to expose
  • 열정, passion
  • 변신시키다, to transform
  • 장부를 관리, account management
  • 재무관리, financial management
  • 세금관리, tax management
  • 이어지다, to be connected, continue
  • 반전시키다, to reverse
  • 절정, peak
  • 해소, resolution, relief
  • 강조하다, to emphasise, to stress
  • 정교하다, to elaborate
  • 자라나다, to grow
  • 한꺼번에, at a go, at one blow
  • 협동하다, to cooperate,to join forces
  • 향하다, to face, to direct
  • 설정하다, to setup, to establish
  • 이상적, to be ideal
  • 묘사하다, to describe, to portray
  • 이내에, soon, within
  • 주장, assertion, claim
  • 구조적, structural
  • 앞서, ahead
  • 사후, after
  • 제시, suggestion
  • 증폭시키다, to amplify
  • 제품, product
  • 소음, noise
  • 간혹, sometimes
  • 원활하다, to be smooth
  • 연결 상태, state of connection
  • 겪다, to go through
  • 충족시키다, to satisfy
  • 황금, circle
  • 영감, lord, husband
  • 동기, motive
  • 달성하다, to achieve
  • 균형, balance
  • 연관되다,  to be related, connected
  • 예방하다, to prevent
  • 이점, in this respect
  • 관찰하다, to observe
  • 저자, author
  • 순서, order, sequence
  • 창시자, founder
  • 생산성, productivity
  • 차분하다, calm
  • 최하점, lowest point
  • 다루다, to treat, to handle,to deal with
  • 빠져들게, sink into
  • 다다르다, to reach, to gain
  • 회계사, accountant
  • 경기 침체, recession
  • 파산하다, to go bankrupt, to go broke
  • 떠돌다, to wander
  • 이목을 끌다, to draw attention
  • 연속적, continuous
  • 상담가, consultant
  • 수강 신청을 하다, to register for a class, to enroll for a class
  • 법칙, rule,law
  • 문구, words, phrase
  • 최소한, as little as possible
  • 극복하다, to overcome
  • 각본가, a scriptwriter
  • 다운되다, to be reduced
  • 성장하다, to grow
  • 손쉽게, easily
  • 모험, adventure
  • 마주하다,  to confront
  • 복귀하다, to return
  • 도구, tool
  • 도입하다, to introduce
  • 증가하다, to increase
  • 돌파하다, to overcome, to break through
  • 나아지다, to improve, to enhance
  • 유쾌하다, to be pleasant
  • 똑똑하다, to be clever
  • 의사소통하다,  to communicate
  • 흐려지게, blurry
  • 상세한, detailed
  • 들어오다, to come in
  • 응답하다,to respond
  • 제왕, ruler, king
  • 영웅서사, hero narrative
  • 직면하다, to confront
  • 뛰어들다, dash into, rush into
  • 이끌다, to guide
  • 독특하다, to be unique
  • 교훈, lesson
  • 열정적, passionate
  • 영웅, hero



  • Entworfen, be designed 
  • Überwältigend, Mind-blowing
  • Abheben, to lift off
  • Anziehen, to tighten
  • Erfolgsbilanz, track record
  • im Laufe der Zeit, over time 
  • Ausgerichtet, aligned, oriented
  • Dauerhaft, permanently 
  • Hervorrufen, to produce, cause
  • Dienstleistung,k service 
  • Verkörpern, to embody

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