So I have an app Idea, how do I start…

I have wanted to extend my portfolio’s project list for a good time now, but I always postponed it due to lack of an “it” idea. Few hours ago, I read about the 12 startups in 12 months project which found very inspiring. The writer addressed how creators always started a project but never finished or waited till it was “worthy” to be published but then get discouraged when the traffic is not as expected. Funny enough I fall into that category.

So I decided to work on a simple application for language learners, very simple and trivial. One simple visits the website/app, types in a phrase or word and obtains a list of ways the term is used and corresponding translations. What I like about the idea is, visitors get to update the translations and rate them. Thus allowing readers / learners to see the most commonly used translation for a specific word or expression. Not only is it a way for me to improve on my web development skills but also on my language abilities. Learning Korean and German is not that simple, yuh know..:D

I do not want to wait till the UI is awesome but hope to develop the main features and publish to the world, once it becomes functional. If there is a significant amount of traffic, then there may be a user account system with extended features, who knows *shrugges*.


Basic Functionality

  • Search Expression
  • Reads translations
    • In order of most popular (by rating)
  • Adds translation or phrase to be translated
  • Reads “not yet” translated expressions
  • Rate translation

Yes Stage 1 has to be very simple, as you can see below. This is all I require for the web app, personally speaking.  Once these three features are integrated, I will publish the web app and focus on the design (probably take a dribble project).  This project, after its first publishing, will look very 90’s but on its second, welcome to 2018.

Simple and Simple



Programming Language

  • Frontend  – HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Backend – PHP, Mysql


The database Objects should look like this:

Expressions and Translation Objects

See you soon!


Books I am reading for this project

  1. Programming JavaScript Application
  2. Learning MYSQL
  3. PHP Cookbook


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