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My husband’s hypersensitivity to smell is annoying me

Yesterday I and my husband have been wanting to eat some curry and since we both are coincidentally on holiday, we opted to eat curry for brunch. So I am preparing the ingredients.

However, my husband told me to take the gas burner, go to the laundry room and cook the curry there, because he believes that the smell of curry doesn’t leave easily.

I was so dumbfounded because we can’t always live on takeaways and it is given that a house, where people live and cook, will definitely smell. After I asked him whether we do not ventilate the room every time, he offered to fry the ingredients in the laundry room, while I do the rest in the kitchen.

What kind of nutcase is this ?

I got so angry that I just gave up on eating curry all together. He still insists that curry’s smell is so strong and that he will not change his mind.

He said to me “You know how sensitive I am to smell, so can’t you compromise ?”. I was so lost for words.

Am I the selfish one here ?

( Even now, he is calling me selfish, stating that I wouldn’t even be considerate as a couple let alone acknowledge the fact that he is sensitive to smell.

I normally use this space to complain/whine ,so I thought about stopping but really want to see this to the end!I sent him a link to your comments, so he changed his stance.




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      So if he is very sensitive to smell, how can he eat curry ? It seems like, he would feel squeamish and not want to eat it though. Interesting, seems more of a selective sensitivity.

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      If that is the case, there is nothing he will be able to eat though.

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      So what compromises has he made for you sis?

Korean vocabulary

  • 냄새 :  smell, scent
  • 예민한 : keen, acute, sensitive
  • 짜증나다 : irritated
  • 카레 : curry
  • 마침  : opportunely, just at the time
  • 휴일 : holiday
  • 아점 : Brunch It’s a combination of breakfast and lunch
  • 재료 : material, ingredient
  • 빠지다 : sink down into; be thrown into,fall into; get into,be deceived; be cheated; fall into
  • 세탁실 : laundry room
  • 창문 : window
  • 버너 : burner
  • 어이가 없어서 : in amazement,in surprise,perplexed, absurd
  • 환기 : ventilation,arousal, awakening, stirring up
  • 매번 : every time
  • 야채 : vegetable
  • 볶다 : stir-fry,nag, pester
  • 나머지 : the rest,remainder,outcome, result
  • 주방 : kitchen
  • 심하다 : excessive
  • 배려하다 : to be considerate
  • 이기적인 : selfish,egoistic,self-seeking
  • 본인 : person concerned
  • 인정 : recognition, acknowledgment
  • A 기는 커녕, B : on the contrary, rather than A; B
  • 부부  : couple
  • 끼리   : between
  • 하소연 : complaint, whining
  • 끝까지 : to the end
  • 정신 승리 : mental victory / moral victory,winning spirit,Psychological victory
  • 기가 차다 : be dumbfounded, be speechless, be lost for words
  • 의견 : opinion
  • 비위(가) 상하다 : be offended,feel hurt,be disgusted[displeased], to feel squeamish
  • 선택적 : choosing, selective

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann


Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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