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I am divorcing my husband  because he is very a very picky-eater

He is a ridiculous picky eater.

Just imagine him being incapable of eating  9 out of 10 meals.

He can tell even when the salt is changed.

Also, when I am really enjoying a meal, he always asks “is this food really that good?”

I am really considering divorce ( because we haven’t registered our marriage. Yes a divorce is a divorce , however, we are okay with each splitting  our individual assets 50/50. I have notified my husband and moved into my parent’s house. Additionally, just in case, I am planning on meeting a lawyer )

He is the type that removes the vegetables from burgers and eats only sausages, burgers and such.

Even raw fish is a no. Apparently, the scent isn’t pleasant to him. Including the texture. According to him, it smells funny too.

Before we got married, due to our long distance relationship,we met once or twice monthly and got married within 6 months. So I never knew.

On top of that, he lacks sense of empathy, amongst other things.

So I have opted on divorce.

I know that a lot of you will not understand why I am divorcing because of picky-eating habits, but I am suffering.

This is probably why grown-ups say that one should marry someone who is open-minded about food and eats well.


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        Is it even possible to get married after only meeting 12 times ?

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        So you married just to get the wife-title but ended up with struggle instead.

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        Is this person gambling with life or what ?

Korean vocabulary

  • 편식 : eating only what one wants
  • 심하다 : excessive
  • 이혼하다 : get divorced, be divorced from, be separated by divorce
  • 극도로 : extremely
  • 개중 : among
  • 소금 : salt
  • 바뀌다 : be changed, be replaced
  • 알아차리다 : grasp, understand, take in
  • 혼인신고 : marriage registration, registration of marriage
  • 각자 : each, individual
  • 반반  : fifty-fifty, half-and-half
  • 빼다 : take out, draw, pull out
  • 통보하다 : notify, inform
  • 친정 : the former home of a married woman
  • 혹시 몰라(서) : just in case
  • 변호사 : lawyer
  • 야채 : vegetable
  • 소시지 : sausage
  • 회 : raw fish
  • 향 : scent, fragrance
  • 식감 : texture of food; mouthfeel
  • 장거리 : long distance
  • 한달에 : a[one] month
  • 한두 번 : once or twice
  • 반년 만 : within 6 months, within half a year
  • 그외에도 : On top of that, Additionally,In addition
  • 공감능력 : empathy ability, an empath, to have sense of sympathy
  • 괴롭다 : suffering
  • 어른 : adult
  • 훈장 : order of merit, medal, badge
  • 발악하다 : struggle, act desperately
  • 결과물 : output
  • 도박 : gambling

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  



Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann


Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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