October 4, 2022

Could love be the reason why V wanted to go solo


Could love be the reason why V wanted to go solo

During the Bangtan group dinner,  V, who showed the strongest desire to go solo, said that there were so many things he wants to try alone. He even left behind a statement that he had sacrificed himself the the team all this while.


Bangtan’s began solo activities

How many times has V popped up in real time trending topics ?

“Hotel heiress”

“No look on entry ( at airport ) “

“Jennie Gdragon transfer relationship”

“Piano academy smell , blah blah”



Even in Jeju, just by looking at the pictures, anyone could tell  that it was V  however worried that someone may be entangled in a romance rumor during bangtan activities, I have been keeping my mouth shut but…

If it isn’t a case of eagerly wanting to personally reveal the relationship,

then why would you take your partner to a shop on the day of scheduled departure, where all your staff are present ?

Haven’t even fully recovered from that controversy but …


This time, you are going on a New York trip at the same time your partner is having a schedule in the US ?


I am lost for words!

Because of the continuous nerve wrecking activities, I expected that one day…

Just out of nowhere is a bit…

Unable to tell the other bangtan members all that time while trying maintain the team

Could you imagine how he much he was suffering internally ?

It seems like he has been inevitably living and suppressing himself to fit with the huge team called Bangtan. So immediately after going solo..sigh..


Whether it is a transfer relationship or the ex-girlfriend of a friend, what ever it is, whether romantically involved or not,

please keep your work and love life separate.

There is still so much money to pull.

So if you plan on doing nothing while being completely different*, try at least not to be obvious.


Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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Korean vocabulary

개인 활동 , to go solo, to do personal/individual activities, work solo

회식, dining together, group dinner

강력하게, strong, powerful,unbending,highly probable, very likely

의지, will, volition

희생하다, sacrifice

명언, saying, maxim

실검 찍다, to hit real-time searches

호텔 상속녀, hotel heiress

노룩, no look

환승연애, transit Love, transferring Love,transfer relationship

어쩌고, so?, blah blah

입 꾹 닫다, to shup/close mouth

열애설, romance rumor

안달나다, to be eager to, to be impatient

출국, departure

논란, controversy, adverse criticism

아물다, to heal, to recover from

불안을 불안하다, to feel anxious, to be uneasy

속앓이 internal disease, heartache

거대하다 , huge, enormous, gigantic

누르다, suppress

뽑다, pull, pick, pluck , draw

무대응, no action taken

뒤로 호박씨 깐다, behave slyly[craftily], to behave entirely different behind people’s back

조현병, schizophrenia

명절, national holiday

월병, mooncake



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      Can’t V just sue on his own? This is really horrible!

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      It seems YOU need to get sued! How many posts are you going to upload on Pann! Hope you aren’t schizophrenic, crazy old woman! It’s national holiday, go eat some mooncakes or something!

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      Shoo Shoo

      [Meme of someone spraying something to shoo the smell away]

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  


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