After telling my boyfriend that I wasn’t particularly glad about his parents visiting unannounced…


After telling my boyfriend that I wasn’t particularly glad about his parents visiting unannounced…

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Just as in the title.

My boyfriend, who I started dating just recently and is my age mate ( mid 30s ),  asked me “what would you do, if my parents come visiting unannounced ? “, I told him that I wouldn’t like that.

When he heard that, he suddenly called me an uptight person.

Oh, there was one more word he added. He called me a emotionless person.

He said, even if your parents-in-law come over to your house unexpected, you should still be hospitable.

Although I wouldn’t feel terrible about it, do you really think that I wouldn’t be hospitable ?

I never said I was going to throw them out but  that was how far he thought.

Is there a girlfriend out there that would say “Great! No worries! Tell them to come anytime!” when her parents-in-law visit unannounced ?

Am I the bad person here ?

I want to prove to my boyfriend that regardless of which side, any adult that visits without notice lack common sense. I’ll appreciate your assistance guys.



Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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Korean vocabulary

시부모, parents-in-law

꽉 막힌 , uptight, stubborn, not listening, hard-headed,narrow-minded

동갑, same age

정이 없는 사람, someone who lacks affection, unaffectionate,  a cold person

장인 장모, wife’s father and mother

어른을 대접하다 , to treat like an adult

쫓아내다, throw out, kick out

몰상식하다, lack common sense

안전이별, safe separation, silently breakup

열에 아홉, nine out of ten

밑밥을 깔다, to come up with excuses,


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        Don’t even try to prove it, just consider breaking up with him quietly. That kind of man doesn’t change just because you prove it.

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        Most parents do not visit their daughter’s marital home unannounced. Nine out of ten times, the ones who visit are the parent-in-laws ㅋ . Tell your boyfriend : Why are you making up ish ? I’ll knock you out!*

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  


Naver Korean English Dictionary

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