Why are mothers with boys like this ?


Why are mothers with boys like this ?


👶You are looking at my chest!!


Don’t you feel repulsed by  speaking with a child, that you birthed, in a sexual nuance.

To explain this GIF,  the mother asks the child what he is doing, after claiming that the child was looking at her chest. However, another funny thing is, the mother wrote that her son is her boyfriend.

It really feels like my brain is melting.

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Korean vocabulary

지가 , you

자식, bad boy, jerk

이성적, being rational, being reasonable, logically | sexual ( colloquially )

뉘앙스, nuance, subtle difference in meaning

거부감, sense of refusal, repulsion, reluctance, repelled from

짤, GIF

뇌, brain

녹다, melt, thaw

상메, A short message to state one’s conditions, moods, interests, etc. ( e.g. status message in kakaotalk )

괜히, vainly, in vain, to no avail

몰리다, be charged, be denounced, be accused, be branded

예약, reservation, booking

토나와, throw up

널리다, be scattered, be littered

며느리, daughter-in-law

박박, with a scratching sound, with scrape

긁다, scratch

덧붙이다, add

농담삼아, for a joke, in jest

각박하다, stonehearted, insusceptible to pity, tough

맘충, a young mother who has kids and does some illegal thing or is very rude against others only because she is someone’s mother.

프레임, frame

씌우다,put something on, cover

싸이월드, Cyworld

어쩌구, blah blah

맺히다, to be stressed, to be in full grief

모임, meeting


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        In the status message of mothers of boys and especially those with husbands and sons,  on the picture they’ll write “My men”.

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        Saying “son mom, son moms” is not right ㅋㅋㅋ.  Go to Instagram, you’ll see women with floods of pictures of their sons with the tag #reservationforevilmotherinlaw.

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        Although I am very close with my dad and no one loves my father like me, if I were young and my dad posted something like “my girlfriend, blah blah”, I’d be so disgusted…

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        This just looks like a meeting of women who are depressed because they can’t have a sonㅋㅋㅋㅋ .

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  




Naver Korean English Dictionary

Nate Pann





Not 100% sure of this sentence’s translation.

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