What are your thoughts about taking a new born to a bar


What are your thoughts about taking a new born to a bar ?

I am a child-free woman in my 30s who lives with her husband while raising a dog in a new city.

There are a lot of babies because of the nature of the neighbourhood . If you look around, you see a baby here and another baby over there. Not too long ago, while I and my husband were on a visit to a pub to have a drink, we saw a very puzzling scenario.

A newborn at one table, probably 3 years old ? A a child of that age range was brought in and at the table in front were seated 3 elderly men ( ajussi ).

Do people nowadays bring their babies along to a bar ?

Aren’t there other places to have a drink in the evening  ?

While having that thought, the 3 men seated at the table ahead got louder , causing the baby, who was initially sleeping, to wake up.

I was so surprised when they called a staff to ask them, if it was okay to be that loud when a child is present.

Is it because I am child free that I fail to understand this ?

Although they were able to resolve the issue by moving the table with the baby,  I sometimes lurk around the mom cafes since it is the fastest way to get the neighborhood gossip.

As there was no news of abuse of power or no person acting like they lack common sense in the mom cafe, I felt relieved.  I was however again surprised, after seeing a report stating that pubs are no kids zones.

Weren’t pubs obviously a kid-free zone ?

I am at loss of words seeing the comments below saying that of course it is wrong to bring a child to a pub but it would be good to make the kid free zone announcement.

Is it even right to bring a child to a bar ?

(It isn’t easy to leave the neighborhood * and there aren’t many Izakaya restaurants around )



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Korean vocabulary

신도시, new town, new city

동네, neighborhood, village

특성상,characteristic , nature,

눈을 돌리다, to look away,

얼마전에, lately, not long ago, a short time ago

호프집, draft-beer bar, pub

한잔하다 ,have a drink, drink lightly

갓난쟁이, newborn, newborn baby

그러려니, so

언성, voice

여차저차, this and that

맘카페, mom cafe

눈팅,just looking, browsing, to lurk

돌다보다, look back on, reflect on

갑질하다 ,to overuse one’s power, go on a power trip, abuse of power

상식 밖의, against common sense, no common sense

노키즈존 ,Kid-free zones

거절 당하다, to get rejected

공지, announcement, notice

꽉, firmly, strongly, tight,fully, compactly

막히다,be blocked, be closed, be clogged,be fenced, be enclosed, get tongue-tied, be at a loss

외부로 , outside, being external, exterior

이자카야, Izakaya ( a type of informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks)

음식점, restaurant, diner

치킨집. fried chicken restaurant

맥주, beer

공원 벤치, park bench

정서, emotion

유세, power, influence

유세를 부리다,  to exert power/influence over, to ride over

각박하게, heartless, cruel

굴 필요가 있다, a need to be hard/cruel/shrewd/unfriendly

정신병자, lunatic, an insane person, a mental patient

먹이다, make someone eat, feed

아이 엄마, a mother with an infant

달래다, to comfort, pacify, calm down; soothe

얌전해지다, to get calmer, to turn docile

인정이 없다, be heartless

속상하다, to be sad, to feel upset

맡길 곳, a place to hand something over to / to entrust something over to

컴플레인, to complain

컴플레인을 걷다, to complain ,to make a complaint

진상, truth, reality

계층, class, group

속하다, to belong to

환장을 하다, go mad, to be obsessed with


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      Looking at the comments, I think  I now understand why women do not want to have children.  Although it is absurd to bring a child to a pub or bar even though it is quiet, is it right to say they should go to a diner or fried chicken restaurant  or sit at the park bench to enjoy a glass of beer ? Yall keep saying it isn’t good for the babies emotions, but be honest,  the fact that you don’t want to see that is more important than the babies emotions to you! It is true, that those people, who go on a power trip because having children means the world to them, are lunatics but our society too needs to be less cruel towards children.

      People don’t bring in starving children  into their home and feed them anymore, like in the past. This is why I think it is this way and try to be understanding. Even I get annoyed at a child crying when I am exhausted, still after trying to comfort the baby together with the mother, everyone will be grateful and say thank you. The child also becomes more calm. I feel sad because it seems like we have become more heartless.

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      I am a mother but  there are times, not always, when I want to drink some alcohol under such ambiance. So I would ONE TIME understand, since we are a couple without someone to entrust our child to. However making a complaint that it is too loud in a bar is rude*. The mother is the only one making unreasonable demands*. Rude customers exist in all classes/groups.

    • [+299] [-142]

      That is crazy. Where are you taking a baby to? How much alcohol was consumed to act that mad ?

End notes

Yall I am also learning Korean, so bear with me regarding the translations. I am translating as I understand and not literally.  




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